2010 Predictions

Tennis is extremely unpredictable, as we all know. It’s hard to predict what will happen a month into the future, let alone a year. So, in typical nonsensical fashion, we thought it would be fun to each give 20 predictions about the coming season (anything tennis-related). Each time one of our predictions fail, we’ll cross it out. At the end of the year, we’ll see which of us is the best prognosticator.

Feel free to post your own predictions in the comments and see if you can beat us! 😉


1. Fed won’t win a slam
2. Rafa will win the French and Wimbledon
3. Sod will drop out of the Top 10
4. Fed semifinal streak will end
5. Richard Gasquet will win a title and get back in the top 20
6. There’s going to be at least 5 Rafole matches
7. Spain will win the Davis Cup again
8. The Murray hype will continue and he will continue Slam less
9. DelPo will win a Masters 1000
10. Rafa and Nole will meet at a Slam final
11. Ana will stop sucking and win a title
12. Vika will get to a slam final 
13. Justine will be back in the top 10
14. No Serena/Venus slam final this year
15. Sabine Lisicki will make the Top 10 for the first time
16. Dina will finally win a slam
17. Justine will win Wimbledon XD
18. The Bepa curse will continue.
19. Caro will drop out of the top 5
20. Kim will win another slam
1.  Rafa will win two slams, and make the semis of another
2.  Fed will win one slam
3.  Murray won’t win a slam, but will make a final
4.  Jelena Jankovic won’t win a slam, but will break up with Mladan Janovic
5.  Henin will win a slam, and Serena will hate her for it
6.  Nando will fail to make the semis of the AO
7.  Ana Ivanovic will re-enter the top 10
8.  Soderling’s ranking will drop after Roland Garros
9.  Spain will win the Davis Cup…. AGAIN
10. RAndy will play his heart out for Team USA but be let down by fellow players
11. Two Frenchies will finish in the top Ten (ATP)
12. Nole will win a slam and get engaged to Jelena Ristic
13. Masha will re-enter the Top 10
14. Flavia will win a tournie that she’s never won before
15.  Andy Murray will be the only British Male left in Mens Singles after R1 @ Wimby
16. Venus will win Wimby
17. The Douche twins will win two slams
18. Dominika Cibulkova will not make the semi of any slam
19. Feli will enter the top 20
20. Roger Federer will act like a tool and share his douchetastic behaviour with the world
2. Muzz won’t make a Slam final.
3. Delpo will win a Master Series for the first time.
4. Rafa will win the USO. (Just go with it, Career Slam FTW)
5. Spain will win Davis Cup again.
6. Roddick will lose everytime he plays Fed this year (LOL)
7. A French player will make the semis of a Grand Slam.
8. Jeremy will break into the Top 20.
10. Bepa won’t win a tournament. Mwahaha. (hope Van Grichen doesn’t see this!)
11. Vika will make the final of a Grand Slam.
12. Fed will drop out of the Top 2 at some point this year. Please Sven.
13. Richie will get back into the Top 20.
14. Nole will win a Slam.
15. Nando’s Adidas’ clothes will stop being hideously ugly after the AO stuff.
16. Dina won’t win a Grand Slam.
17. Nando will win at least 2 tourneys 😀
18. Masha will win a Slam.
19. Serbia will beat the USA in Davis Cup \m/
20. No one will successfully defend their Grand Slam title in WTA or ATP
—Also, I can’t use this for my main predictions, bc it’s an if…then thing, but IF Gilles and Fed play eachother, THEN Gilles will beat Fed again. Trust.—-

53 Responses

  1. 1. Gilles will prove me wrong and make a slam semi
    2. Rafa will reclaim BOTH the F.O. and Wimby Crowns.
    3. Justine Henin will get breast implants then retire again
    4. Kim will kick Justine’s ass EVER SINGLE MOTHERFUXING time they play.
    5. Jeremy Chardy – top 15
    6. No slam for Federer.
    7. Delpo for A.O. ’10
    8. Muzz will remain slamless, but reach 2 semi’s
    9. Feverana part deux, after the F.O.
    10. Aleksandra Wozniak – top 20 player

  2. My predictions:

    1) Ana will win a title
    2) Ana will get back to the top 12
    3) Ana will make it to a quarters of at least one slam
    4) Ana will FINALLY beat a top 10 player
    5) Ana will still be inconsistent, but better
    6) Curtis still will obsess over Ana like a 12 year old girl
    7) Curtis will realize his dream of marrying Ana will never come true.
    8) Prediction #7 will be wrong. Curtis still will live in his delusional little world.
    9) More paparazzi pics of Anadam (hopefully on a beach)
    10) Most of Curtis predictions for 2010 will be wrong. Fuck me

  3. Stella – I diggidity dig your predictions, except I don’t want #9 to come true. I will get egged for this, but I’m nowhere near the JMDP bandwagon.

    • I’m not a huge fan of DelPo either but I really think is going to happen. He won a slam and he made a Masters 1000 final already that’s why I made that prediction. I just don’t want it to be on clay,those are for Rafa 😀 I totally think is going to be on a hard court maybe Canada or Cincinnati.

  4. 1. Fed will be Slamless
    2. Rafa will regain #1
    3. Nole will win a Slam
    4. Ana will win a tournament (probably an International)
    5. Muzz will be Slamless
    6. Muzz will drop out of the Top 5
    7. Ana will play in Bali and lose all of her matches
    8. Sammy Q will get to the quarters at a Slam
    9. Sammy Q will get tapped for DC
    10. Sammy Q will on play the dead rubber for DC
    11. Spain will win the DC
    12. Jo-Willy will get to the finals at a Masters 1000
    13. Delpo will win a Masters 1000
    14. Dick will suck
    15. Ana will get to the semis of a tournament (besides to one she’ll win)
    16. Ana will get to the quarters at a Slam
    17. Ana will either break up with Adam or get engaged to Adam
    18. Emily will get a picture with Ana 😀
    19. Emily will get a picture with both Sam and Tree making her feel really short
    20. Emily will graduate from high school on May 22

    • Ana is NOT getting engaged to Adam. 😛 She was already asked if she would get married in 2010 and she said “Definitely Not”. She won’t break up either (I dont think.) Or maybe she will, and start dating me. 😀

    • “Dick will suck” LOL. Yeah, that sounds about right.

      I also love “Muzz will drop out of the Top 5,” but who do you think would replace him? Not Dick, if he’s sucking XD

    • Well, #1 is wrong and #5 is still right. #15 is right.

  5. 1. Rafa will win 2 Slams.
    2. Fed won’t win a Slam. (Hopefully)
    3. Nando will win 2 tourneys (I don’t care which, just do it)
    4. Ana will get back to the top 10.
    5. Justine will win RG.
    6. France will reach QF in Davis Cup.
    7. Gilles Simon will win a tourney.
    8. Delpo will reach the final of a Slam.
    9. Muzz won’t win a Slam for another year.
    10. Vika will win a Slam.
    11. Nando will rather play without clothes than wear that hideous Adidas gear.
    12. Dina will choke in the finals as usual.
    13. Masha will get back to the top 5.
    14. Rafa will regain the #1 spot.
    15. Nole will be #2.
    16. Soderling is going to drop in the rankings around RG.
    17. Kim will reach a Slam final.
    18. Flavs will re-enter the top 10.
    19. Nole will win at least one MS event.
    20. Ana & Emma are going to meet Rafa in the Barcelona Open.

  6. All of yours are great – but here are mine and they are true…

    1. Nole wins one slam and 3 titles.
    2. Nole and Janko will star in a miniseries based on a Dostoyevsky novel.
    3. Robredo wins a tourney.
    4. Williams sisters win no slams. One retires early in one slam.
    5. Fed will win no slam this year.
    6. Delpo wins Australian Open.
    7. Verdasco will beat Murray next time they play.
    8. Vera wins the USO against Henin and suffers an aneurysm shortly after.
    9. Nole appears on Letterman.
    10. Verdasco wins 2 titles and gets engaged.
    11. Rafa becomes #1 again.
    12. Ana wins a slam.
    13. Sharapova will get to, and stay in the top 5 this year and kick ass on the way.
    14. Tommy Haas announces his retirement.
    15. Andy Murray will make it only as far as the 3rd round in all but one slam.
    16. No one notices that Tommy Haas retires.
    17. Feliciano Lopez kills commentator for calling him “Fellacio Lopez”.
    18. Verdasco makes it to Top 5 and is beautiful doing it.
    19. Monfils will return to the top ten.
    20. Gilles Simon will return to the top 10, remain absolutely gorgeous and star in the next Twilight saga.

    • LOL, nando4life, they are some kickass predictions!
      You FTW!!!

    • If prediction #12 is right and Ana does win a slam, I am going do die of over-excitement and I want you to predict the lotto numbers for me. lol Can you lend me some of that optimism? I need it. 😛

    • #2 makes sense on many levels – I like it. #17 cracked me up, although I doubt Feli would actually do that since it might mess up his hair.

      #10 – Verdasco engaged? In what?

  7. 1. Fed will win only 1 Slam
    2. Rafa will win at least 1 (i have no preference at the mo)
    3. MaSha will be back in the Top Ten
    4. Ana will break up with Adam
    5. Comebackhand will FAIL
    6. … because Kim will kick her ass.
    7. JJ will win at least 1 Premier
    8. more fanguish for us Dina fans
    9. Venus will retire before the season ends
    10. Elf will win a Slam again before Muzz
    11. Sod will continue to be a terror
    12. Nole will make the semi of two Slams
    13. Roddick will drop off the top 10 for the first time in years
    14. Spain wins DC
    15. Serena will have another outburst

  8. 1. No slams for Fed
    2. Chardy into top 20
    2. Third serbian girl gets a bit of spotlight
    3. Serena out of top 5
    4. Nole in RG final
    5. Muzz will stay slamless
    6. Ana will reach a slam semi
    7. Vika to win a slam
    8. Serbia will stumble upon Spain in DC again
    9. JJ to write a book
    10. Rafa- year end no.1

  9. 1. Federer will win 1 slam
    2. Rafa will win either the AO or the USO
    3. Maria will be in the year end top 5
    4. Maria will win at least 3 tournaments
    5. Murray will drop out of the top 4
    6. Venus will not make any slam finals
    7. Ana will not end the year in the top 10
    8. Caro will make a slam final
    9. Vika will end the year in the top 5
    10. Safina will not win a slam (lol.)
    11. Nando will date more WTA players
    12. Kirilenko will end the year inside the top 20
    13. Tsonga will win at least 2 titles
    14. Novak will, at some point, be #2
    15. Del Potro will make a slam final

  10. I love the no Slams for Fed stuff. I’m not convinced it’ll turn out that way, but I hope so!:)

  11. 1. Someone outside the top 4 will win the AO, in the ATP and WTA.
    2. Nicole Vaidisova will continue sucking. Retirement talks will commence.
    3. Ana will reach at least 2 finals, one being a slam.
    4. Nando will debut at least 3 new ‘dos.
    5. Muzz will continue slamless.
    6. Kim will win a slam.
    7. Masha will win a slam.
    8. Venus Williams will somehow have a tragic year.
    9. Ana – top 10. Marin Cilic will crack the top 7.
    11. Dinara Safina won’t win a slam.
    12. Delpo won’t reach the semis of any slam.
    13. Rafa will win a slam.
    14. Fed will too (I know, I know.)
    15. Gael Monfils won’t have a good season. He will fall off the top 25.
    16. A qualifier in the ATP will reach the quarters of a slam.
    17. Adidas will continue to give players frightful outfits.
    18. Justine and Serena will get in a hair-pulling catfight on court.
    19. Ana and Adam will break up. Rumors will be that she cheated on him. With the seal.
    20. HeartSetMatch will be a success!

  12. Okay, don’t laugh but here are my 2010 predictions:
    1) Dina will finally win a slam
    2) Ana will pull herself together and get back into the top ten
    3) Nole will win a slam or at least make a slam final
    4) Roddick will fall out of the top ten
    5) Muzz will not win a slam but he will win a title
    6) Someone else will come out of retirement
    7) Nando will get into a semifinal of a slam
    8) Julien Benneteau will beat another top ten player and get into the top 30
    9) Rafa for ’10 USO please
    10) The Spaniards will once again win Davis Cup
    11) Delpo will win another title
    12) Masha will get into the top ten

  13. I need to finish the rest of my predictions. I only did 10 before. I promise these won’t involve Ana. 😛

    11) Nole will make two slam finals and win at least one
    12) JuJu will win Roland Garros
    13) Fed will cry…..AGAIN!
    14) Muzz won’t reach a slam final
    15) Dinara will fall outside the top 15 and me this years Ana.
    16) Both Henin and Clijsters will finsih in the top 5.
    17) Fed will go slamless
    18) Someone from the Armada will go clothless in a magazine spread.
    19) Sabine will finish in the top 15
    20) Rafa will finish the year #1, Nole #2 and Delpo #3.

  14. 1. I will finish in the bottom 10% in Tennis-pool.com
    2. Rafa will win French Open.
    3. Rafa’s only slam title will be French Open.
    4. Roger will NOT win a slam.
    5. Roddick will make a slam final.
    6. At least two of the ATP slam winners will be first timers.
    7. 2010 will end with a new ATP world #1 (not Rafa or Fed.)
    8. Venus will NOT win a slam.
    9. Dina will win French Open.
    10. Vika will win a slam
    11. Vika will end 2010 in top 5.
    12. Gilles will continue to get “mad-hand” when he is not playing well.
    13. Justine Henin will re-retire after not winning AO.
    14. Nando will date at least two top 50 WTA players.
    15. A picture will be leaked of Nando and Feli that make us all question what their relationship really is.
    16. They will down play it and both begin to date Spanish models.
    17. Speculation will soon die down.
    18. Sometime in the fall they will come out on the cover of Spanish Vogue.
    19. I will have vivid and graphic dreams about their relationship.
    20. I will like them.


    21. I will also have vivid and graphic dreams of choking one of my 6 year old students.

    • They are some interesting predictions! Espesh the Felando ones! XD

    • after seeing Feli serenade Nando with “With or Without You”, after the DC finals, i think predictions 15-18 are pretty much reality 🙂

      • They totally have that famous vid, I even have a gif of it. Feli is allegedly dating Cristiano Ronaldo’s left overs, and of course she’s a model XD

        • Oh man, do you mean Nereida or whatever her name was? Cos if so, I hope Feli has better sense than that. She was a trainwreck!

        • Feli back together with his much older (I think she’s 35 or so) on-again, off-again girlfriend Maria José Suarez, not Ronaldo’s ex. I dunno where that rumour came from. Feli & Maria José were together at the opening of the PortAventura a couple weeks ago. She mixed the Davis Cup final for, get this, a ski trip with her friends. What a keeper.

          But yes, he is with her, not any of Cristiano’s leftovers.

  15. first week of the year and

    10. RAndy will play his heart out for Team USA but be let down by fellow players

    is already wrong… =P

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