I’m Excited And So Is Fed, Apparently

Fed ended 2009 with his 12-0 record vs Kolya finally tarnished at the London WTFs. So what better way to start 2010 by having his 12-0 unbeaten record vs Sod wiped away? (Granted, this was an exo and doesn’t count in ATP stats, but it’s still a legit match imo). Gives me a glimmer of hope anyway. If even Sod -Fed’s #1 bitchboy- can beat him, it’s a really good sign.

Needless to say, I’m excited for 2010. I’m hoping the next streak to end is the consecutive Grand Slam semifinal appearances. How about at the AO in just a few weeks? Yes please.

He won 3rd place, how exciting for him. Ew.


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  2. I just noticed that Fed looks like he’s farting. Like a good dirty old man.
    May all your wishes come true my vitch.

  3. In that pic he has the tiniest hint of some moobs

  4. Jeebus i have less hair on both legs than Fed has on ONE forearm.

  5. Big ol’ Fed fan here (will run & hide in my corner shortly after posting this, don’t worry!) but I too expect Fed’s consecutive slam SF record to stop this year, truth be told I expected it to end last year, specifically at Roland Garros but well…I was wrong there, very wrong indeed, heh! 😉

    But yeah I expect it to end sometime this year if not at Aussie Open (and probably not there to be fair) almost certainly at Roland Garros 2010, I honestly don’t see him defending his title there & well he’s been in decline playing quality-wise ever since early 2008 now. He’s managed to keep his slam performance up but everything else pretty much has fallen by the wayside the last few years except for a few things here & there, other player’s have upped their game, he’s getting older, having more injuries & niggly things & just generally having more stuff outside of tennis to focus on, kids & what have you, I just see this as his natural decline as happens to all sportsmen, can’t keep winning everything forever til you retire. Of course I’d love if he can win more slams & could see him getting another 1 or 2 but I think this year will be the end of the slam SF record run & an even more obvious decline in his game level, shown by a decline in his slam performances. So allez Fed but I don’t expect much this year compared to your previous years if I’m honest, just hope he still enjoys the game & keeps healthy! 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting!

      Yeah, Fed’s had such an amazing run, it’s hard to ask for more. I’d imagine anything Fed does this year or in future years is just icing on the cake for his fans. I do respect his mental and physical game (except when he’s shanking :P), and no one can deny he’s one of the best athletes ever.

      That being said, I’d like to see 2 people that aren’t named Fed in a Slam final this year!

  6. Another Fed fan, stumbling upon this from FD related tweeting!
    As for that pic,um….yeah,I got nothing,only acceptable when you’re actually alone with your wife,which YOU ARE NOT…
    Lol,keep up the blog guys! 🙂

  7. how does Mirka do it? no, seriously… how???

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