Second Cutest Final Of The Day

Today was just full of adorable, wasn’t it? Over in Sydney, eternal underdogs and all-around cuties Richie and Marcos battled it out in the final. I’m not going to lie, I was pulling 100% for Richie, so I was sad for about 10 seconds after Marcos defeated him 6-4, 7-6. But I think it’s impossible to get truly upset over Marcos winning a title, so I’m very happy for him now.

So cute with his “Love Cyprus” shirt. I think Adidas maybe should have kept him though, considering he’s winning again.

Can they be BFFs? Marcos is already an honorary Frenchie.

One Response

  1. I wanted Richie to win as well but there is simply not anything to dislike about Marcos. These last few weeks have been incredible for Richie and I think he has surprised everyone. I hope he continues like this in Melbourne.

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