Hit for Haiti – part deux announced

For a sport that has a reputation for being elitist, Tennis sure does do a lot of good in the world of charity. In what can be filed under “pure awesome win”, it has been announced that Rafa Nadal and André Agassi will take on TMD and his equally douchey “GOAT” predecessor, Pete Sampras, in a doubles match as a  “Hit for Haiti” mark two at Indian Wells in March.

Yeah. I’m gonna go ahead and say I want these dudes to win.

Although kudos to these douchebags for getting involved in even more charity work.

The match will take place on March 12th, and will be televised by The Tennis Channel. New IW tournament owner, Larry Ellison, is organising it, and donated $1m of his own money, so well done to him.

Let’s just hope that a lot of money is raised for this very worthy cause, and that the match is as epic as it could be!



2 Responses

  1. I’m going! I’m going! I’m so excited. I have crap seats, but I don’t care!

  2. It’ll be on the Tennis Channel? Good. At least we’ll get to see that. Unlike most of the actual tournament if it’s still stuck on Fox Sports Net.

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