All Fashion Police units to IW please

It’s IW time, bitches!!!

Last night saw the BNP Paribas Open Player’s Party. Here are some of our fave examples of the “fashion” on show.

Oh, Rafa. Your horrific fashion sense is utterly endearing

If any other player wore this, I’d give them shit for being mumsy. But I love Kim, and she really is a Mama. So, work it!

The Joe Six Pack of the ATP. He’s just a normal dude!

Next time someone calls Muzz “The Ginge Hotness”, I’m having them sectioned.

I’m a JJkad. So, I’ll just say this isn’t one of her worst efforts.  But seriously, WTF?

Ana and Sorana. I think both look beautiful. Ivanovic in particular looks gorgeous.

I am trying *so* hard not to say something mean (and truthful) about this. So, yeah. Just no.

LMAO. Oh Dani. I had an outfit just like this about 6 years ago. When I was 16 and didn’t know any better.

So, HSMers, who did YOU think was the Best/Worst dressed?


5 Responses

  1. The best dressed was definitely Dementieva…but she is not here?
    Rafa looks adorbs! cute smile!

  2. The Rafa lack of fashion sense can be easily solve: Let’s have him almost naked all the time or just that plain white t-shirt a la Gypsy.

  3. Rafa looks like he’s wearing a chef’s uniform.
    Kim well I can’t hate on her she looks cute.
    Dick dude a little more effort he looks like trailer trash.
    Muzz has a douche pose. Really the double peace sign.
    JJ, I miss the glitter. I blame IMG.
    Ana best dressed *shocked*
    Sorana looks like a librarian. She only needs glasses.
    Justine, I can see your bra and is totally tacky.
    Danny is not the worse dressed. That title goes to Pavs, the girl needs help. OMFG she looked awful, weird not seeing her pic up there.
    Lena look gorge I agree Vendangi. But Ana is my girl so I gave the best dressed to her.

    That felt so good. Back to being vitchy

  4. Ana was definitely the best dressed and the hottest. If you disagree with me then you’re fucking blind. 😛



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