Don’t. Make. Me. Like. Him!!!!! *Pouts*

So one the awesome things about Miami is all the media stuff the players do.  There’s the players party and bunch of other stuff. Like Ana and Rafa golfing, Muzz and Vee playing tennis in some street on top of some SUV. One of the staples of the Miami promos? The players swimming with dolphins, like they do it every year. So this year,these dudes participated.

As you guys can see some of my faves, participated: Ferru, Gonzo and Thomaz. There was also Sod, Marcelo Melo, Eduardo Schwank and Dick Norman ( I had to look for his profile, no idea who is this dude. He’s actually a tennis player but hasn’t played any matches. Wut?) I looked for this Norman guy because of this pic alone.

So cute!!! He’s kissing the dolphin!!!

Ferru swimming with a Dolphin. All I can say is Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

You guys know that I really don’t like Sod. I have this irrational dislike for him. I think most Rafa KADs do. I have been softening  up to  him the past few weeks. I’ve been blaming a bunch of things. First his tweets( hello! tiny helicopter), then Jills who likes him. My Alexander Skarsgard love (for those who follow me on Twitter know how much I love True Blood and this BAMF Swede) so I’ve been saying than I’ve been reflecting my love for ASkars  into Sod just because they’re both Swedish. Stupid I know.  Why do I mention all of this? Because of shit like this keeps happening.

The fucker is posing with a dolphin and it’s totally melting my vitch heart.

Yes, the title of the post is all about him. Can he stop? Please. Sigh.


5 Responses

  1. Mina will definitely DBO over that last photo. And yes, I fall into the irrational hatred by a RafaKAD stereotype.
    But, yeah. The dude is starting to grow on me. Damn u Mina :p

  2. i’ve been in flove with Sod since that adorbz brisbane vid fr 09… and this set of pics just makes me *squee* to no end. hard (understatement of the century!) to find Rafa KADs who are into Sod, so i’m glad Jills does 😀 so damn cute when he smiles gahhhhhh

  3. Girls, let me get you into this Scandinavian thing: these guys may seem all manly and hot and whatnot, but they are basically crazy and one inch from imploding all the time. There is no warmth in any of them, trust me. Overly proper and rational one minute and the next one they burst into nastyness. Must be all that suppression they live by.

    Give me a more southern macho any time. They are way more balanced and relaxed.

  4. No! Never gonna happen. Sod doesn’t do anything with me. I hate him still. Just remember he is a Leo, so photo and pr bring our his best side.
    And I’m scadinavian, so I’m immune to blue eyes. Some Swedes are awesome, like the named Alexander from TB (voted sexiest man in Sweden, btw)
    But not Sod. It feels good and natural to hate him, my gut says that’s what he is made for, that SOB.

    In the other hand Ferru!!! Dolphins and lion cubs. Awwww…

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