Bepa Loses Her Shit

Nothing new about that. None of the vitches have been following the Charlton tourney. Personally I hate green clay or as I like to call it “fungus clay”.  Anyway I’m going to post this because is hilarious. Bepa having a break down is always funny. Oh yeah, Sam Stousor won the whole thing for those who care. This one is specially dedicated to Jills. May the “Vitch Curse” continue for many years.


2 Responses

  1. Is it ok i’m more scared of Bepa than i am of Gonzo?!?!? She does crazy soooo well!

  2. This is the reason there needs to be a year-end award for Best Racquet Smash. Not only should Bepa be acknowledged thoroughness, but the added touch of kicking the racquet under the sofa as if to say, “Not only do I hate you, but I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!!”
    Well done, Bepa

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