Roland Garros Suicide Pool: Day 1

Hey everyone!! /Serena

I know I haven’t posted in 193849 days, give or take a few, but the excitement that is a Twitter/HSM Suicide Pool is enough to draw me in. Anyone who wants to join, feel free. Rules are easy and it’s just plain fun.

The first ever HSM Suicide Pool starts tomorrow, Day 1 of the French Open! Here are the rules:

-Every day once the Order of Play for the next day comes out, we’ll post it here in a daily post. You have a look at the Order of Play and you pick ONE male and ONE female player that you think will win their matches that day. Then you post your picks in the comments. Make sure to make your picks before play starts for the day, or they won’t count!

-You should also make BACK-UP picks for your first-choice players, in case one of your first-choice players withdraws before their match starts.

-You aren’t allowed to pick the same player twice during the tournament. In other words, you probably shouldn’t pick Rafa on the first day, since you won’t be able to use him again for the final! It’s best to pick lower-ranked players in the first few rounds, and strategy is important. You have to think ahead in the draw and save the best players for later.

-I’ll keep track of who you’ve picked so far over the fortnight so you don’t make the mistake of picking the same person twice.

-Once your player loses, you are OUT 😦 But we’ll be playing another SP for Wimbledon and that’s right around the corner! Practice makes perfect! 🙂

-Although we’re playing men’s AND women’s Suicide Pools simultaneously, they are in fact separate. This means that if your male player loses, you can continue to pick for females and vice versa.

-If you can’t post your picks here at the blog (can’t access the site from your phone, bad connection, etc) you can contact me (@RagingBitch) or Emma (@emmaphickey) on Twitter and we’ll post your picks for you.

-If you have any questions, ask on twitter or in the comments!

OK…I hope everyone is as excited as I am!

Click here for the OOP for Sunday, May 23 (Day 1)

And post your picks (and back-up picks) in the comments! Good luck guys 🙂


38 Responses

  1. Yay! Suicide Pool! I’m so gonna lose, dude. But at least it’ll be fun!

    Janko Tipsarevic. Backup: Nicolas Massu
    Agnes Szavay. Backup: Angelique Kerber

  2. Day 1: Youzhny and Cibulkova
    Backups: Chela and Szavay

  3. ATP: Montanes

    WTA: Cibulkova

    picking back ups is too much work. I’ll take my chances 😉

  4. Day 1:

    Tipsarevic and Cibulkova

    Backups: Chiudinelli and Szavay

  5. Day 1: Montanes and Kirilenko

    Back-ups: Chela and Petkovic

  6. WTA: Mathilde Johansson (BU: Dominika Cibulkova)
    ATP: Juan Ignacio Chela (BU: Marco Chiudinelli)

  7. Day 1 Janko and MaKiri
    Back-ups; Cibulkova and Chiudinelli

  8. Stella’s in San Juan for the Andre-Pete exho, she picked Montanes and Kirilenko via Twitter.

  9. ATP: Garcia-Lopez (Tipsarevic)
    WTA: Pennetta (Kuznetsova)

  10. ATP: Youznhy
    WTA: Kirilenko

  11. Day 1: Albert Montanes and Anastasija Sevastova
    *Back-ups: Nicolas Massu and Andrea Petkovic*

  12. WTA: Claire Feuerstein
    ATP: Stephane Robert

  13. WTA: Sevastova
    ATP: Soderling

    Backups: WTA: Flavia ATP: Tsonga

  14. ATP: GarLo
    WTA: Cibulkova
    Backups: Janko and Kiri

  15. Day 1:
    Alberto Montanes and Agnes Szavay
    Back-up: Tipsarevic and Chakvedatze

  16. Day 1: Montanes and Kirilenko

    Back up: Tipsy and Cibulkova

  17. WTA: Szavay
    ATP: Janko

    backups: cCbulkova and Garcia-Lopez

  18. Janko Tipsarevic & Maria Kirilenko

    Back-up: Albert Montanes & Dominika Cibulkova

  19. ATP:
    Chiudinelli Backup:Tipsarivic

    Szavay Backup: McHale

  20. ATP: Montanes
    WTA: Szavay

    Back-ups: Tipsarevic, Kirilenko

  21. Garcia-Lopez (Chiudinelli) and MaKiri (Cibulkova)

    Good luck everyone!

  22. First picks: Domi Cibulkova and Albert Montanes.
    Back ups: Janko Tipsy and MaKiri.

  23. WTA: Cibulkova (Backup: Szavay)

    ATP: Ouanna (Backup: Montanes)

  24. “You have to think ahead in the draw and save the best players for later.”

    I picked Fed last year in the 2nd round 😛 And…he almost lost to Chucho LOL.

    But anyways:

    WTA: Cibulkova
    ATP: Youzhny

  25. Albert Montanes
    Anna Chakvetadje

  26. Here goes:
    Men: Youzhny; backup Roger-Vasselin
    Women: Aravane; back up Flavia Penetta

  27. Ladies: Rezai
    Men: Cilic

  28. Day 1: Lacko and Sevastova
    Back-ups: Chiudinelli and Szavay

  29. If there ever was a reason to research players and if I ever wanted to really get into this sport this would be a great way to do it.

    Women: Anastasija Sevastova
    Men: Stephane Robert

    Backup:Tipsarivic and Feuerstein

  30. Day 1:
    Montanes and Sevastova
    Back-up: Chiudinelli and Szavay

  31. WTA- Sevastova (BACKUP: Kirilenko)
    ATP- Montanes (BACKUP: Chiudinelli)

  32. Didn’t see this post until today, so I got in too late to join. How about posting it a bit earlier, girls? Not like 8 hours before play starts.

    Just sad bc I didn’t see it before 😦

    • Sorry. I was talking about it on twitter for a while now, that’s why most people knew. I’m lazy and a procrastinator. I’m letting people post picks today of matches that haven’t started yet. But only today.

      So if you’re around and there’s are matches that haven’t started yet, you can make picks from those.

  33. so I forgot to pick in time AGAIN, what’s new? xD

    Well I’m going with:
    ATP: Juan Ignacio Chela
    WTA: Flavia Pennetta

  34. MEN : Lukas Lacko
    WOMEN : Anna Chakvetadze

  35. Day 2:
    ATP: Lopez
    WTA: Schiavone

  36. WTA: Errani
    ATP: Rochus aka Pippin XD

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