Roland Garros Suicide Pool: Day 2

Hey guys…sucks that MJMS is out (for tennis-pool). Sucks that Ernie and Vika are out (bc I love them).

But there were still some awesome wins today. Jo came through in a tight 5-setter and Kiri, Robin, Marin and Misha all won in straights. So there’s something to be happy about.

Post your picks for Day 2 in the comments (if you didn’t lose lol). I’ll make a page for the results up top later so I can edit it throughout the tournament. But not right now, I’m too lazy.

Click Here for Day 2 Order Of Play

Have fun picking! 🙂


32 Responses

  1. Ladies: Kleybanova
    Men: Feli

  2. Stan the Man (Gonzo)

  3. soooo if your pick lost but your backup didn’t, does that work?!?! LOLOL
    anyhow …

    WTA: Kleybs

  4. The Lacko vs Yani match I bet on got suspended, but just in case Lacko pulls it out, I’ll place my bet for tomorrow.

    Men: Feli Lopez; Back-up: Dolgopolov Jr.

    Already lost on the women’s side 😦

  5. Men (I know that’s a stretch LOL…JK): Feli (BU: Dolgopolov)

    Women: Hercog (BU: Kleybs)

  6. ATP: Paul-Henri Mathieu
    WTA: Lucie Safarova

  7. ATP: FELI
    WTA: Schiavone

  8. Men: Bagdahtis
    Women: Na Li

  9. Men: Wawrinka (Mathieu)
    Women: K-Bondarenka (Hercog)

  10. I’m out already on WTA. I blame partly the typical WTA chaos for that, and MJMS for another part, and my own bad luck and ignorance for the most.

    ATP: Wawrinka

  11. ATP: Stanislas Wawrinka
    (Back Up: Clement)

  12. Screw you, Falla. I’ve seen you play live, and you SUCK. How dare you make me lose SP? Whatever…

    WTA: Aleksandra Wozniak (BU: Hercog)

  13. ATP Wawrinka BU Dolgopolov Jr.
    Already out of the WTA lol…

  14. Not surprisingly i’m out of the WTA already!

    ATP: Wawrinka (BACKUP: Feli)

  15. Day 2: F. Lopez & Ivanovic
    Backups: Wawrinka & Schiavone

  16. Lapentti (Mathieu)
    Safarova (KBond)
    Good luck everyone 🙂

  17. ATP: Santiago Giraldo
    WTA: Lucie Safarova

  18. FUCK YOU JANKO. (jk, I love him sfm)

    anyways; Lucie, backup Franny.

  19. WTA: Kleybanova (BU: Safarova)
    ATP: Almagro (BU: Hanescu)

  20. ATP : Hanescu
    WTA: Ivanovic (yeah, I’m going there)

    Back-ups: Mathieu, Safarova

  21. Day 2:
    ATP: Feli Lopez (Baghdatis)
    WTA: Li Na (Schiavone)

  22. Day 2:
    ATP – Leonardo Mayer
    WTA – Yaroslava Shvedova
    (Day 1 – picked Lacko so waiting for that one to finish)

  23. ATP: Feli
    WTA: Lucie
    Backups: Marcos and Franny

  24. Stella picked Rochus and Errani in other post.

  25. Kiri’s arms are pure sex.

    Chicks: Ana ”Parker loves me” Ivanovic
    Dudes: Nicolas “Stella hates me” Almagro

  26. Did my picks go through?

  27. Janko 😦

    Agnieszka Radwanska (Back up: Lucie Safarova)

  28. Bollocks!
    Totally forgot about this. Hope it isn’t too late to enter!

    First picks: Kateryna Bondarenko and Nico Almagro

    Backups: Sara Errani and Marcos Baggy.

  29. ATP: Almagro
    WTA: Ivanovic

    Back up: Mathieu and A-Rad

  30. I told Jills Monday morning via twitter that my pick for today was Almagro. So he’s my pick. Sorry I didnt post it here in time.

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