Roland Garros Suicide Pool: Day 3

We here at HSM love Richie, Feli and so on, so today sucked major ass for us.

Anyways, life goes on, here’s tomorrow OOP:

As per usual, if your day 2 pick won, feel free to post your picks and back-ups in the comments below.

Good luck, guys!


24 Responses

  1. WTA: Wickmayer, backup Bepa.

  2. DICK FTW!!!! (Pico)

  3. ATP: Ferrero

  4. Oh well, I’m very positive when my hopes are lying on WTA! Ouch!

    There it is:

    WTA: Hantuchova

  5. ATP: Andy Roddick (Ferrero)
    WTA: Wickmayer (Peer)

  6. Day 3: Zvonareva
    Backup: Sharapova

  7. ATP:Melzer
    WTA: Peer

  8. Wicky (backup: Peer)

  9. ATP Day 3: Kohlschreiber (backup:Ferrer.)

  10. wta: Wickmayer

  11. WTA: Hantuchova (Zheng)
    ATP: Kohlschreiber (Pico)

  12. blipping NicoLapentti blipping lost to blipping taylor dent. seriously???


  13. ATP: Melzer
    WTA : Pavlyuchenkova

    Back-ups: Kohlschreiber, Zheng

  14. Women: Jie Zheng bu Peer
    Men Kohlschreiber bu Benjamin Becker

  15. Wickmayer BU: Pavlyuchenkova

  16. ATP: Melzer (BU: RAndy)

  17. Day 3:
    ATP: Screw you Feli. I know clay is not your forte, but you are totally inept on it. I at least expect you to win a 1st round against a no name. Whatever. You’re lucky you are awesome. And hot.

    WTA: Sharapova (Wickmayer)

  18. Chicks: Wicky
    Dudes: Pico

  19. ATP: Melzer, BU Kohlschreiber

  20. ATP: Eduardo Schwank (Back up Kohlschreiber)

  21. If it’s not too late.

    Maria Sharapova
    Back up: Yanina Wickmayer

  22. Ladies: Sharapova
    Dudes: Ferrero

  23. Opps! I forgot to pick. I will pick from matches that haven’t started.


  24. SP Day 4!

    WTA: Pennetta

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