Suicide Pool Day 4

Dick escaped. Rafa played like crap according to him. Hewitt beat Jezza probably making Jills hate RG even more.

You guys know what to do.


26 Responses

  1. Schiavone
    Backup: Na Li

  2. WTA: Aravane Rezai

    ATP: Gael Monfils

    Allez Frenchies!!!

  3. Na Li BU: Schiavone

  4. Gael (Marin)

  5. WTA: Nadia
    ATP: Gael

  6. ATP: Baghdatis
    WTA: Safarova

    Back-ups: Berdych, Schiavone

  7. WTA: Aravane Rezai , back-up: Franny

  8. ATP: Monfils (Berdych)
    WTA: Cilbulkova (Pennetta)

  9. WTA: Rezai!

  10. Dudes: exactly *who* in God’s name did you lose to, Pico? FFS.
    Chicks: Gisela Dulko

  11. ATP: Isner (BACKUP: Gael)

  12. Franny
    backup: Aravane

  13. KBond
    back up: AMG

  14. WTA: Dulko (Makiri)
    ATP: Baghdatis (Montanes)

  15. ATP Isner BU Baghdatis

  16. WTA: Schiavone (Cibulkova)

  17. Monfils (T-bird)

  18. Women: Petrova
    Men: Monfils

  19. ATP:Jo Tsonga

  20. Why doesn’t it publish my comment? WTF?

  21. The technological mysteries. Anyway:

    Monfils (T-bird)

  22. Pffft. My yesterday’s pick retired. Does that count? Back up won.
    I apparently suck.

    • After having consulted Stella, and having Kohls winning his match, I am still in. For now.

      Picking from the matches that haven’t started yet.

      ATP: Gael Monfils (Back Up John Isner)

  23. WTA: Wozniacki
    ATP: Baghdatis

  24. What do we do about tomorrow’s OOP if our player’s match didn’t happen from today? I picked KBond but her match was moved to tomorrow.

  25. If Baggy wins then Hanescu (Bellucci)

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