RG: Suicide Pool Day 5

You guys know what to do. For those who are still waiting for some matches to be completed like me (WTF, Gael?) Make a pick just in case.



16 Responses

  1. WTA: Franny

  2. ATP: Judas
    WTA: Schiavone

  3. I really don’t care if Monfils looses and I’m out. The disgusting french audience doesn’t deserve a win, anyway. I hope for much misery for the snobbish french whose idea of class is pretty weird. Cheering like crazy for DF?! No wonder their players break down during RG.


  4. Waiting for Marcos to finish… but I’m going with RAndy and Ferrero as my back up.

  5. ATP: Roddick
    Backup- F.Gonzalez

  6. Since my player from yesterday didn’t even start I’ll stick with her. KBond and AMG as backup.

  7. IF Isner manages to beat Chiudinelli, my ATP pick: Almagro, BU Gonzales.

  8. If Monf wins then…

    ATP: Nando
    WTA: Radwanska

  9. WTA: Schiavone

  10. ATP: if Johnny Isner wins his match, my next pick will be Almagro. (Backup: RAndy)

  11. If LaMonf wins..

    ATP: Bellucci (Hewitt)
    WTA: Schiavone (A-Rad)

  12. Men: JCF
    Women: Schiavone

  13. If Gael wins…
    JCF (David)

  14. ATP: Andy Roddick
    (Back Up: Victor Hanescu)

  15. Damn. I knew I forgot to do something last night. I’m picking from matches that haven’t started yet. (thank you rain delay)

    WTA: Bartoli (Peer)

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