Roland Garros Suicide Pool Day 6

Basically, fuck you, bad weather.

Ok, so rain fucked everyone over today. Rafa, ReRe and others didn’t get to play one minute of their matches today, so tomorrow’s schedule is a nightmare. Ana Ivanovic lost, as did La Monf. JJ, MAndy and RAndy got good wins.

Seeing as today was rained out for a long time,  if some of your picks couldn’t play at all, you can make a new pick for today.

If you made a pick who’s match is uncompleted, yet started, then you can post a provisional pick below and should your day 5 pick win, then your provisional pick  will be your pick for tomorrow.

Should your day 5 pick lose after completing said match, then your provisional pick won’t mean shit. Soz.

Unless you picked them yesterday, you CANNOT pick a player who’s match is already in progress.

Hope that’s clear!

Good Luck, guys!


10 Responses

  1. WTA: Pavs!

  2. I guess I just reiterate that since John Isner won his match, for ATP I pick Almagro (BACKUP: Berdych)

  3. Ok, here we go!

    WTA: C. Wozniak

  4. Since Isner won his match, I am picking Almagro, BU Berdych

  5. Day 6 ATP Pick: Ferrer

  6. I can’t believe AWoz beat KBond… good for her, but now I’m out of the SP entirely. Boo.

  7. I’m going with Almagro (Back-up: JC Ferrero)

  8. WTA: Hantuchova (Stosur)

  9. Still waiting on Bartoli, but just in case….

    WTA: Wickmayer (Hantuchova)

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