About HSM

This blog is run by 3 tennis-loving fangirls extraordinaire: Emma from Ireland, Jills from Florida and Stella from Puerto Rico. Collectively, we’re vitches who love to DBO over tennis. We decided to finally make a blog because, well, we felt like it. And we figured that since 2009 sucked tennis-wise (especially the time period between after the Madrid Semi and before the USO final lol), 2010 HAS to be better. So the beginning of 2010 is a great time to get started! Vamos, ajde, allez, and davai, 2010! 😀

Our Mission Statement:

We love tennis. The game, the gossip, the clothes, but especially the players themselves. Well, most of the players. WE DON’T LIKE FED. So you’ll be seeing a lot of snarking, mocking, and dislike of Fed around here. If you also dislike Fed, you’ll love it here. If you like Fed, feel free to try to change our minds, or send us hatemail at heartsetmatch@gmail.com.

Our goal is simple. To fangirl all day and night, as much as is (super) humanly possible. There are a lot of great sensible blogs out there, and we love a lot of them. But we’re leaving the properness to them. There are also a lot of irreverent blogs out there, but still, they may try to maintain a level of decency. Here we lust and hate to our heart’s content. We’ll talk about results, news, matches, and all that too, but let’s face it: fangirling is what it’s about.

One important thing about this blog: we don’t hate on/make fun of our favorite players. Sure, we’ll laugh to keep from crying if Gilles or Rafa or Nole lose to some qualifier, or make fun of Feli’s hair in a non-mocking tone, but you won’t see us doing things like:

1) calling Nando a “failure” or

2) calling Feli a “woman” or

3) calling Richie “GasGay” or

4) spelling any player’s name wrong on purpose for that matter (i.e. Reeshard, Daveed) bc that’s just stupid. It’s something Brad Gilbert would do to remember how to say foreign names right.

Yeah. we realize the are a lot of tennis blogs out there, but is there one *quite* like this? Maybe so. But still, you guys love us and we love you. So let’s do some fangirling/fanboying and make shit happen!


10 Responses

  1. And don’t hate on Ana, or you will face the wrath of me. 😀

  2. I love this part of your opening paragraph:

    “And we figured that since 2009 sucked tennis-wise (especially the time period between after the Madrid Semi and before the USO final lol), 2010 HAS to be better.”

    So true!

  3. AH! new favourite tennis blog!

  4. K, I’m a tard for not knowing about this collab. Me likey, especially the “Mission Statement” though I’ll still be calling him Reeshard since, well, I can. Good luck!

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