Roland Garros Suicide Pool: Day 2

Hey guys…sucks that MJMS is out (for tennis-pool). Sucks that Ernie and Vika are out (bc I love them).

But there were still some awesome wins today. Jo came through in a tight 5-setter and Kiri, Robin, Marin and Misha all won in straights. So there’s something to be happy about.

Post your picks for Day 2 in the comments (if you didn’t lose lol). I’ll make a page for the results up top later so I can edit it throughout the tournament. But not right now, I’m too lazy.

Click Here for Day 2 Order Of Play

Have fun picking! ๐Ÿ™‚

Birthday Boys

Today, May 22, is a fucking awesome day. Two of my favorite people were born today, Nole and Morrissey. As many of my twitter peeps know, I am a diehard Morrissey fan- he’s my fave singer of all time. He’s unique, he’s legendary, and he’s one of the most influential musicians of the last 30 years. There aren’t words for how much I love him.

The thing is- although I knew their b-days if you’d asked me, it didn’t even cross my mind that these two SHARED a b-day until today. But it makes a lot of sense. They’re both extremely intelligent, they’re both fiery and emotional, and they both (contrary to what Bozo might think) have GREAT hair. So here’s to two inimitable, exceptional and extraordinary BAMFs. Never change, guys. No matter what the haters say.

And speaking of haters, it seems like every Tom, Dick, and Bozo are giving Nole next to no chance to make the semis, let alone win the tournament. Screw you people. Yeah, it’s true Nole hasn’t had the best results this year, but let’s give the guy some credit. He’s a Top 3 player and he’s always a contender in my opinion. So really, the critics can suck it. (It’s no secret I want Nole to win the whole thing).

I want to dedicate this song to Nole and to Aleksa. Love.

Roland Garros Suicide Pool: Day 1

Hey everyone!! /Serena

I know I haven’t posted in 193849 days, give or take a few, but the excitement that is a Twitter/HSM Suicide Pool is enough to draw me in. Anyone who wants to join, feel free. Rules are easy and it’s just plain fun.

The first ever HSM Suicide Pool starts tomorrow, Day 1 of the French Open! Here are the rules:

-Every day once the Order of Play for the next day comes out, we’ll post it here in a daily post. You have a look at the Order of Play and you pick ONE male and ONE female player that you think will win their matches that day. Then you post your picks in the comments. Make sure to make your picks before play starts for the day, or they won’t count!

-You should also make BACK-UP picks for your first-choice players, in case one of your first-choice players withdraws before their match starts.

-You aren’t allowed to pick the same player twice during the tournament. In other words, you probably shouldn’t pick Rafa on the first day, since you won’t be able to use him again for the final! It’s best to pick lower-ranked players in the first few rounds, and strategy is important. You have to think ahead in the draw and save the best players for later.

-I’ll keep track of who you’ve picked so far over the fortnight so you don’t make the mistake of picking the same person twice.

-Once your player loses, you are OUT ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But we’ll be playing another SP for Wimbledon and that’s right around the corner! Practice makes perfect! ๐Ÿ™‚

-Although we’re playing men’s AND women’s Suicide Pools simultaneously, they are in fact separate. This means that if your male player loses, you can continue to pick for females and vice versa.

-If you can’t post your picks here at the blog (can’t access the site from your phone, bad connection, etc) you can contact me (@RagingBitch) or Emma (@emmaphickey) on Twitter and we’ll post your picks for you.

-If you have any questions, ask on twitter or in the comments!

OK…I hope everyone is as excited as I am!

Click here for the OOP for Sunday, May 23 (Day 1)

And post your picks (and back-up picks) in the comments! Good luck guys ๐Ÿ™‚

King Of Awesome, Part 3

Sucks that Nole lost so early, but his practice was amazingly entertaining. After they did the actual hitting, they played some American football. Nole didn’t know how to throw it, but the crowd cheered him when he finally did it right. And how badass is Dusan Vemic? He’s the one in the glasses. I love the Serbs. This one’s for Aleksa. He’s going to have a great clay season, I just know it.

Too Cute For Words

Caught this on the last day I was there. Goran and (what I assume is) his little boy. Adorbs! Marin’s brother was playing with the kid too. I wonder if we’ll see him on court in about 15 years.

Here is a video. You can see Marin’s brother in the beginning. I love him too. I know I mentioned that already but I don’t care. Squeee! Or as Stella would say, “ovary explosion!”

Ana Meets The RBC

I’ve really got nothing much to say, lol. These pictures are for Parker and Curt. I only saw her practicing once. Better late than never posting these ๐Ÿ™‚

I watched for about 10 minutes and then T-Berd and Robin came in, so I was psyched about that. Loved watching them practice until the damn rain ruined it. Robin sat next to Ana and they talked for a bit. Was fun to see.

King Of Awesome, Part 2

After his practice Nole played some American football with his team. He couldn’t really throw the ball good at first; he said it was like throwing a ‘dead duck” lol.ย When he finally did spiral it, he got a big applause from the crowd. Did I mention he’s awesome?

Then they decided to play some kind of curling where everyone had to drop a tennis ball over the net and try to make it roll to the baseline. The guy with the worst roll had to do push-ups.


As you can see, Dusan was one of the losers. And Nole was a winner.

This practice was oneย of my fave parts of my trip and was worth the day’s price of admission alone. Which is why the hobbit Pippin Rochus is on my shitlist. He made me miss more Nole epicness. Not to mention he beat Richie too.

I could sit and watch Nole for hours, if it wasn’t too stalkerish to do so. He’s so great for the sport in every way. I hope he has an awesome clay season and I’ll be cheering for him the whole way. Ajde.

(Also you suck at life if you don’t like him.)