Players Party: Full Of Fashion Don’ts and Media Whores.

The Sony Ericsson Open Players Party was last night a bunch of players attended and some people that I really don’t know who the fuck they are. Why do the photographers even bother? So I’m going to ignore the media whores and concentrate on the true stars of the party ( No, I’m not talking about NERD aka the entertainment) I mean the players of course. I’m still full of OMG!, WTFs? and Really? so you will see that a lot of those in this post.

Pic Spam Alert!!!!

I have to say that JJ is looking quite fab. Is like she found the right balance with being glittery and classy. So Yay!

I don’t know if I like or hate Vee’s dress. Okay I hate it, so yeah. It looks like she took the dress from her mom’s closet. Really, Vee?

Someone maybe injured but still looking amazing.  But don’t tell  ReRe, we don’t need her ego to get any bigger.

The Rad sisters. OMG! I’m just…. I’m lost for words. First ARad, I always see her and think Jersey Girl.  Are the Animal Prints still in? URad WTF is with the shoes? Really, pink dress and blue shoes?

Oh, look the Little Mermaid! Or maybe Tinkerbell! WTF are you wearing Caro? It looks like they painted the dress on her. I’m sad to say (not really) that she looked kind of trashy.

Now to the boys and there we don’t give fuck look.

At least try, dude. Whatevs,next.

Muzz looks decent. That’s all I will say.

First of all the caption was hilarious it actually said Rafael Nadal so I needed a few minutes to control my giggle fit. After that I saw what Nando was wearing. Sigh. Really, Nando? You’re so much better than this. No shaving, his hair is a mess (Bring back the Nando Hawk!!) and the clothes. *shakes head* Since when does Nando not take care of himself? WTF is going on?

ARad= Polish Snookie (but not slutty, well that we know of)

Looking good CanWoz. Well, they looked like they had fun.

What do you guys think?

Warning: This post was made during an Insomnia episode. Side effects include extra vitchiness and being extra mean.


Fila Fashion Show Is Totally Confusing …

…with it’s fashion choices. I need to understand the theme. Was it beach wear? Normal wear? I just don’t know.

Edina Gallovits, Andreas Seppi, Andy Ram, Agnieszka Radwanska,  Agnes Szavay and Sorana Cristea were the chosen ones for the fashion show.

I was like, who the fuck is this? I had no idea. I heard of her before but didn’t know the face. The outfit is cute, I think.

Hey, let’s use someone with no personality for a fashion show! Agnes bores me to death. The outfit looks somehow  wrong. I think it’s the bag;  it looks out of place. Is that a yoga mat in the bag? WTF? Would someone really practice some yoga with that outfit?

What is it with the cougar hat? I do like the dress.

Seppi does a good Adam Scott. He got the right amount of douche golfer.

What is this? The 1980’s are over. This outfit is just wrong.

I saved the best for last, Sorana. She looks fantastic. So gorgeous. I think I have a new girl crush. Work it, girl.



That’s all I have to say. The whole Calvin Klein add featuring Nando. I’m just speachless. Warning NSFW. I recomend that wait til you get home. Then get some wine, candles and enjoy.

Yes Nando, Your Fans Like It.

Oh, yes we do. The posting has been almost none existent this week. The vitches are having a big AO hangover. Yes, there has been tennis going on. There’s always tennis going on. So there be a post about tomorrow’s finals and well I really don’t care about Fed Cup. So I will ignore it. In the mean time: How about some Spanish Chorizo? Nando is every fangirl wet dream. I’m still catching my breath. The person who oiled his body must be one of the luckiest persons in the world. I want that job, dammit. *pouts* Enjoy.

Holy FeVer!

I think that’s all I got. Nando’s new Calvin Klein ad. I think, I need a cold shower. Can he play just wearing that?


Updated: ( For more pics check out  Down The Line )

Pic Your Poison: Nando, Is That You?

Looks like Paradorn’s a fan of the Nandohawk too. Glad to see it found a new home.

Never forget.

Sod’s Too Sexy For Your Love

Robin Bo Carl was in a fashion show last night in Chennai with Janko, Marcos and Marin. So basically, win all around for me.

I think he looks good- sue me. You can check out the other pics here on the ATP site.