Bepa Loses Her Shit

Nothing new about that. None of the vitches have been following the Charlton tourney. Personally I hate green clay or as I like to call it “fungus clay”.  Anyway I’m going to post this because is hilarious. Bepa having a break down is always funny. Oh yeah, Sam Stousor won the whole thing for those who care. This one is specially dedicated to Jills. May the “Vitch Curse” continue for many years.


Australian Open Day 5: WTA

I will start with a tweet from the Queen Vitch, Jills:

“I can’t wait until tennis starts. I’m going to be cheering for upsets all night. UPSETS. Chaos, drama and disaster ftw.”

Someone got their wish. You ask all that and WTA shall provide.  Let’s start because there was a ton of drama today and maybe the biggest “WTF just happened in this match?” EVAH.  I will start with the wins then with the juicy upsets.

Dina cruised against Baltacha. No one has Dina in the conversation as a contender for the title, even if she’s still #2 in the World. I think that’s how she likes it. Maybe her time has come to finally win a slam? You never know, predictions are useless in the WTA. Moving on.

Kiri keeps kicking ass and backing up her win against Masha. She won in 2 hard fought sets against Vinci.

JuJu had to rally back against Kleybs after losing the first set. Right there you could feel there was something in the air. It seems Justine is carrying some kind of injury. So, yeah.

Another one that got a scare was Kuzz. She also had to fight back against Kerber. She was really close to packing her bags. She won in 3 hard fought sets at the end.

Now to the juicy upsets.

This upset makes me happy. I can’t stand Bartoli. She’s maybe the only WTA player that I really, really dislike. She lost to cutie Zheng in 3 sets including a bagel in the 3rd. *giggles*

Following the steps of her Serbian Sister Ana, JJ and her Carmen Miranda dress lost in straights to ABond. WTF JJ? She played shitty, her serve was worse than usual and her ground strokes were utter crap. The ball is supposed to go inside the lines, JJ. The doubles alley lines doesn’t count. Talk about shitty play.

The biggest OMG WTF STFU R U SRS I have ever seen in a tennis match. I still can’t believe it. I don’t think anyone (not even Kim) knows what the hell happened. I love Nadia’s game- she was #3 in the world at some point. She has great ground strokes and an awesome serve, but she’s a headcase. You never know what you’re going to get. She was on fire last night and Kim wasn’t on court. Nadia won the first set 6-0 in 15 min and Kim only won 5 points in that set. 5 points!!!

Then the second set started and it was more of the same. Kim finally won a game, the only game she won the whole match. She won 1 game!!! This is what’s call a spanking of epic proportions. I really thought Kim was the favorite here. I think everyone did. You know, since she won the USO and won a title just last week. Instead she got the biggest loss in her career. Can someone give a reason for what the hell went on? Pam Shiver said that she was afraid of playing Justine. WHAT!? She just beat her last week. Did she had family trouble? Pressure of being the so-called favorite? Someone? Anyone? Yeah, I don’t know either.

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Evgeny Play Tennis For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan

Well, WTF. Evgeny Korolev (aka Baby Marat) is not “Russian” anymore. As of 2010, he’s playing under the banner of Kazakhstan. The country bought Evgeny. I don’t know how much they paid, but it was probably a bargain. I still think Evgeny will do good things in the future, and Russia doesn’t have the best Davis Cup team anymore, to say the least. If the Russian federation had invested more interest and money in Evgeny, this wouldn’t be happening. He’s at least as good a player as Igor and Dima at the moment. I’m pissed.

This isn’t a new phenomenon: Kazakhstan also bought Golubev and Shvedova, among others, but this is the only one that bugs me. *super sad face*

WTF?! of the Week: Gilles Vs Monster

I got my new Tennis Magazine in the mail yesterday, and look what was on page 5:

OK, I just have no idea. In some perverse way, I love it. It’s nice to know that Head still has enough confidence in Gilles to feature him in an ad like this when they carry so many top players. It’s just that the very idea of Gilles battling a monster has me in tears of laughter. He’s a lover, not a fighter. He doesn’t look like he’s going to fight the monster so much as try to talk philosophy with it.

Not to mention whoever edited the picture gave Gilles Evgeny’s upper body :/ But hey, all publicity is good publicity! So thumbs up from me!

Rafa and Fed on a Magic Carpet

Rafa and Fed did a small exo today in Doha.  As you can see, they were all smiles. Until they saw what the hell they where going to do.

I think the WTF? faces tell the whole story.

A flying carpet as a tennis court and no freaking safety net? Really, ATP, do you want your biggest stars to die? I have a horrible fear of heights. When I saw these pics, I felt dizzy and nauseous.  But Rafa and Fed sucked it up and did their job, and they even smiled while doing  it. So good work, chicos.

On a final note: You all can see that Rafa is wearing his new Nike outfit. It looks more horrible than I thought. I had seen pictures, but they were small. I’m really glad that the green outfit is gone, but he looks like an orange Popsicle. Still, want to lick it.

Updated: Small clip from the exo