I’m Excited And So Is Fed, Apparently

Fed ended 2009 with his 12-0 record vs Kolya finally tarnished at the London WTFs. So what better way to start 2010 by having his 12-0 unbeaten record vs Sod wiped away? (Granted, this was an exo and doesn’t count in ATP stats, but it’s still a legit match imo). Gives me a glimmer of hope anyway. If even Sod -Fed’s #1 bitchboy- can beat him, it’s a really good sign.

Needless to say, I’m excited for 2010. I’m hoping the next streak to end is the consecutive Grand Slam semifinal appearances. How about at the AO in just a few weeks? Yes please.

He won 3rd place, how exciting for him. Ew.