Our Faves

Here is a list of our favorite players, so you know where our loyalties lie and who you’re pissing off if you insult one:

Stella Loves: Rafa (my absolute favorite I’m a KAD), Ferru, Gonzo, Nando, Feli, Okay all the Armada (except Almagro, he’s Judas and on my Shit list)

WTA: Justine, Ana, Dina, Kim, Vika, Sabine,Masha and Venus

Stella Hates: Fed,Sod and Bartoli. Don’t try to change my mind it won’t work. I dislike the Douche Twins,Massu and Bepa (No one mistreats one of my vitches). There other players I don’t really care for but my dislike depends how I’m feeling during that day, like beating one of my faves, they enter a special shit list for a while.

Jills Loves: Nando, Gilles and Jeremy are my 3 faves! Also flove Nole, Richie, Rafa, Delpo, Feli, Janko, T-Berd, Jo, Ernie, Teimuraz and tons more- who the hell am I kidding I’m a KAD of half the ATP and proud of it. I like Sod too- a lot. Also, DJORDJE DJOKOVIC.

WTA: Vika, Pavs, and Kiri are my 3 faves. Also JJ, Aravane, Domi, Masha and Flavs.

Jills Hates: FEDERER, and Bepa are the only players I can’t stand. Don’t really care for Roddick, Fish or the Douche Twins either. I’m trying to start liking Muzz, but right now I’m neutral on him.

Emma Loves: Ok, first and foremost, I’m a RafaKAD. I love him, his style of tennis, his humility, his sense of humour, his fighting spirit, his sense of sportsmanship, his famoos ass, his pressers (which always bring the LOLz), his smile, and his inimitable Spanglish. My other faves are Nole, Nando, Gilles, RAndy, Bjorn Phau and Feli. I like Delpo.

WTA: I’m a JelenaKAD, and a FlaviaKAD, I also like Kimmy, Masha, Dina, Anabel Medina, Venus and Jie Zheng.

Emma Hates: TMD, Soderdouche, Marion Bartoli, Justine Henin, Daniel Koelerrer and Alize Cornet. Oh! And Mardy Fish!

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