This is what it’d be like if Lady Gaga and Johnny Weir had a kid

Beer? 100% epic win, one of my fave things in life. Tennis? 100% epic win, one of my fave things in life.

Epic + Epic = Epic squared?

Great, thanks to the above pic, I’m craving a bottle of Corona w/ obligatory lime wedge. See? Advertising works. Especially on tennis fans / bloggers who are at home sick with the flu and dreaming of not feelin like shit

Anyways, the ATP World Tour have announced that they have signed a major sponsorship deal with Mexican beer giants, Corona Extra. TBH, at first I was kinda like WTF? Then I realised that beer is awesome, tennis is awesome, so this shit might just be the perfect fit.

I also hope this leads to LOLarious pix of my fave players getting a bit too into the Corona spirit at the IW players party. Me likey drunken tenistas! Alas, it’s probs only wishful thinkin though.

So, good job Adam Helfant. Now do ya think you can sort out the shit calendar, please?


2010 Aussie Open draw; Dude’s edition

The Australian Open draw took place in Melbourne earlier today, and the results were varied.

Dude’s Draw:

As expected, the Top 8 seeds are TMD, Rafa, Nole, Elf, Muzz, Kolya, RAndy and The Sod.

There are a few really interesting first round match-ups, such as Pico vs Ernie, Richie vs Mika, Marin vs The Magician and The Sex vs Dr Ivo.

Overall, the draw seems pretty balanced, with Nole and Kolya in TMD’s half, and Muzz and Elf in Rafa’s half.

Potential quarters are as follows: Rafa vs Muzz, TMD vs Kolya, Nole vs The Sod, and RAndy vs Elf.

There’s a lot to play for as far as the guys of the ATP are concerned. TMD wants another HC slam, and to redeem himself after last year’s fiasco, Rafa wants to defend his title so he’ll still be a current slam holder. Nole wants that sophomore slam, Elf is trying to keep the trajectory pointin skywards, Muzz and Kolya still want their slam cherries popped, RAndy wants to prove to others and himself that he can be great again, The Sod wants to kill people’s dream on more than one continent, and Nando wants to show us that he’s not an extremely hawt one-hit wonder.

It’s gonna be made of win. I’m so excited!

Let the battle commence!