Hotness of the Week: Marat Safin

Yes, ladies, it’s that time again. HotW is back, and this week our subject is Marat Safin.

Where do I start? Check out that smile!

Maratski workin a hood like only he could, his eyes are making me melt

Look. At. That. Body

Marat is a former World Number One, and he is delicious

He’s a total GQ Motherfuck€r

He retired at the end of last year, breaking the hearts of fangirls (and fanboys) worldwide

He looks shit hot even when sporting a black eye. Unf!

Part of his charm is that he just seems to not give a fuck. He’s like “I’m badass, deal with it”

*sobs* Remember this? Maratski is a two-time Grand Slam champion.

Basically, there’s no need for a summation in this case. He’s Marat Mikhailovich Safin, and he’s a sexy bastard.




Hotness of the Week Chicks Edition; Flavia Pennetta

So, anyone who reads HSM regularly, or follows me on Twitter, will know that I have a total girlcrush on Miss Flavia Pennetta, or Bella Flavia, as I like to call her.

For starters, she has amazing legs

She just embodies typical Italian beauty and grace

Her smile makes my heart all fluttery, and she’s a chick FFS!

She has had sex on a tennis court before, as she admitted in an interview.  I want. With her.

She can “smize” amazingly well. Tyra Banks and her fivehead would approve

She has great fashion sense (love those shoes), but look at that smile! I love it!

She is a BAMF. She once said she’d “have a quickie with Marat Safin.” See? She’s just like us!

Le sigh. She really is bella.

When she was having a hard time personally in 2007, she didn’t let it ruin her. Hells no, she went away, worked on her tennis, and became the first Italian Chick to crack the Top 10. Awesome!

What is there left to say? She’s Italian, beautiful, sexy, cute, has a great sense of humour, would bone Maratski, is bubbly and vivacious, and a damn good tennis player.

I would totally marry Flavs and have her Italian babies. Le sigh.  She’s the only chick I’d ever say that about.

Forza Bella Flavia!



Hotness of the Week: Fernando Verdasco

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time again. Time for Hotness of the Week. This week’s choice is one Fernando Verdasco Carmona. And he is one hot motherfucker.

He’s sexy when he’s being all fierce

He’s delicious when he’s being a thespian dahhling (or trying to)

He makes me give out *high pitched squeals* when he’s being fucking adorable

He is fit as fuck when flashing those abs (is it bad that I just wanna lick ice cream off his abs?)

He gets nekkid for charity, which makes the Karma Gods and my vagina mucho happy

Look at it. I know you know what I’m talking about. LOOK AT IT. I WANT!

Ai Dios mio y todo los Santos. He’s basically a hot BAMF. And he wins at life AND at tennis.

Fernando Verdasco Carmona, me and my ladywood salute you.

Well. Fuck me. Literally. Please?

This doesn’t require explanation, or feeble attempts at wit by me;

I would hit that so hard. Scuse me while I go have Emma time.

Thanks to the awesome donkeygrooming for sending this along.

Shakira’s new music vid, now with extra added Nadal, for our viewing pleasure

El sigho. Shakira Shakira is a lucky bitch. So, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard that Rafa is to appear in the Colombian star’s new video for her upcoming single, Gypsy. I for one love Shakira, and also think she’s a slammin hottie. But man, her crush on the Rafa is blindingly obvious. Anyways, here’s a preview of the vid.

I think that the vid looks hawt. And with those two magnificent creatures starring in it, that ain’t no big surprise!

Gah. I wonder if I lip-synch to a song and use my Dad’s camcorder if Rafa will agree to writhe along beside me half nekkid? I seriously fuckin doubt it!

Work it, papi!

Rafa’s uncle, the also delicious Miguel Angel Nadal, is taking part in the Spanish version of Dancing with the Stars. Dude can’t exactly dance, but dayum I enjoy watching him try. He is fit as fuck, in both manners of speaking.

Dude, look at the way he moves with her. I would. I would repeatedly in fact! Miguel Angel was a great footie (soccer for our American readers) player, for my 2nd fave team, the awesome Barcelona. And he is still in pretty damn good shape. Good for him, better for us!

(I’m aware that this is a tennis blog. But IDGAF, it’s a slow news week and Miguel is hot!)

Jills’ Happy Place

I can’t stop smiling. I’m so proud of Jeremy right now. After having a crappy start to the week in Brisbane by losing to Falla in straight sets, Jeremy and his partner Marc Gicquel took home the doubles title! Badassery! /fangirl squeee!

They beat some pretty solid teams, too. Check out the line-up of teams they beat. Fucking amaze:

Knowle/Lindstedt (#2 seeds)

Berdy/Steps (Czech awesomeness and very tough in dubs)

Roddick/Blake (well, idk, it looks impressive on paper)

Dlouhy/Paes (#1 seeds)

Well done Jeremy and Marc! ❤

Another pic of Jeremy, just because I can:

One more thing: the rankings that will determine AO seedings came out today, and Jeremy is still ranked #32. This means he’ll be seeded at a Grand Slam for the first time. Hope he gets a good draw. Allez, hotness!