The Exo I Almost Missed…

…and that everyone else really did miss. Because there weren’t very many people there. For some reason I thought the Glam. Set. Match exo with Ana, Nole, Mel B, and Jay Sean was going to be at night, like around 7PM. I was watching Jo (he practiced forever) and I just happened to overhear someone telling someone the exo was happening now, so I headed over there. The bottom line is, the SEO didn’t promote it like they should have. I bet 90% of the people in the park didn’t know it was happening.

There was no security (that cared anyway), so you could sit wherever you want. I snuck down to the area with the dedicated seats, the ones reserved for “important people,” i.e. people who rarely use them unless the big guys are playing. I probably could have gotten closer if I’d gone to the other side, but I only caught the last 15 minutes or so so I didn’t want to move again. The pictures I saw posted on some other blogs show no one in the audience, but there were a fair amount of people on the other side of the stadium (the side I was sitting on), where people would normally walk in from the grounds.

To be honest I have no idea what really happened. Ana won right? They were serving underhand and playing the kind of tennis you’d play with a 4 yr old, so that was pretty funny. That’s basically all I know. Anyway, here are some pictures:

WHAT THE FUCK WAS MOYA DOING THERE? WATCH OUT ANA. (I didn’t even notice he was there until I saw this pic lol).

All the pictures are Jills property. Don’t take any of them without her permission. Thanks.


Hit for Haiti Part Deux

Friday night there was the charity exo Hit for Haiti at IW. I know everyone is talking about what went on between Andre and Pete but I’m just so over it. So I’m just going to focus on the good. Great Legends playing tennis for a good cause. What if some of them are total douches? Douches have hearts too.  Andre owned the exo even if team Rafandre lost they win at life. He knows how to entertain the public.  Always the showman that’s why ppl love him. The Ladies match bored me, Steffi save it just by being her awesome self.  So here it goes.

Pic Spam Alert!!!

This maybe one of the most awesome pics in tennis history. Pete and Fed are douches but they’re legends. I give credit where it’s due.

Team Douche special hand shake.

Team Awesome high five.

Hugging it out.

Can someone explain what it says on Rafa’s shirt? Please.

It seems Fed and Andre were just as confused- but got an explanation from Rafa himself.

Rafa looks so fucking excited. Rafadorable!

I can’t get over this beautiful pic and Fed’s face. It’s rather cute I must admit.

The Queen and King of Tennis. I love them so much.

Hit For Haiti: Vid Spam

Some kind soul already downloaded the whole thing on You Tube.  The quality is not that great but better than nothing. For those who missed it or want to see it again, this is for you. There are six parts and it’s quite long. Enjoy.

Hit for Haiti event full to the brim of epic win

Some of the best players in the world played a hastily yet brilliantly organised exho to raise funds for the Haiti relief effort in Melbourne on Sunday. Federer, Rafa, Nole, RAndy, Lleyton, Kimmy, ReRe, Slammin Sammy and even Bernard Tomic hit the courts for the worthy cause. Jim Courier acted as chair umpire.

The whole thing brought major LOLz, as the players wore microphones and provided LOLarious commentary.

ReRe and Federer, who were joined on Team Red by Sam and Lleyton.

Some of the quotes from the players had me literally LMAO. I loved this gem from RAndy after he got called for a foot fault: “Did you seriously just call me on a foot fault in a charity match? Oh come on! You don’t wanna do that, Serena’s over there!” XD

Kimmy (who groped Rafa’s thigh the lucky biatch), Rafa, Nole and RAndy were Team Blue. I prefer to think of them as Team Rad though.

Another awesome quote: “You have a sweet touch” – Nole to Rafa after the latter towelled Nole’s fine ass. Win.

Possibly my fave moment from the part with Team RafAndy doubs? Rafa: “Who will serve? Who has better chance of winning the game?” RAndy: “Uh, I’ll serve.” So qt!

Rafole chestbump. 100% pure sex.

Rafole doubs was epic. Yet more proof that they should do it for reals at an actual tournie. Rafa acting all down in the dumps and Nole comforting him was amazeballs. Rafa: “How should I serve now? I have no confidence!” Nole: “I’m here for you Rafa. Vamos.” *dies from the fangirl overload* Also? Rafa being adorbz after missing his first serve; “I don’t wanna show off my new serve yet”. Gah.  After the chestbump, Rafa’s mic had gotten tangled. He took his time fixing it, and when he was done, Federer brought the LOLz with “Rafa, vamos a playa?”  Nice.

Rafa and the event organiser, Roger Federer.

It’s pretty obvious that we here at HSM aren’t exactly big Fedfans. But we give him full credit for organising this. It’s a credit to him. So good for you, TMD. Much love.

Now that the awkward bit is outta the way; Rafa and Federer’s interaction was priceless.  At one point during a match, Rafa hit a beautiful curving forehand. ReRe had wanted to challenge, but Rafa, clearly proud, was having none of it. “Thats the one, that’s the one.” “We’ll challenge anyways” “C’mon Rog, you know I love the banana”. LOL! And Federer’s gem: “Hawkeye doesn’t work anyways!”  His Hawkeye hate cracks me up.

Overall, the event was a roaring success, with over $200,000 raised for the cause. Kudos to Masha who chipped in $10,000 as well. Major applause for the players involved, you are a credit to tennis.



Kooyong: Aboriginal Word For “Heaven”

OK I just made that up. But it *could* be true. Regardless, Kooyong is just full of sexy this week. Day 1 kicked off with all the matches going exactly how I wanted them to.

Delpo took out Ljuby 6-3 6-3.

Nole got revenge for Halle and Wimbly by beating Tommy 6-2 6-3.

I really like the kit and the hair. Especially the facial hair. *DBO*

Then Nando took out Gonzo 7-5 6-1. I’m very happy about this result. I think Nando’s going to do great during the AO playing like this.

But this outfit is just awful. The green part of his shorts puff out and it looks dumb. The shoes are bad too. Hopefully fug outfit= awesome season. VAMOS.

The day ended with Jo taking out Robin Bo Carl 7-6(0) 6-1. Though I like both, I’m glad Jo won because he needs a win more than RBC. And he played super-well. I guess that wrist really is healed.

Good results!

Here’s the OOP for Thursday:

Play starts at 11:00 AM

Gonzo vs Haas followed by
NOLE VS NANDO followed by
Robin Bo Carl vs Ljuby followed by


Crowd Bonus Match: Muzz vs Sam Q (*snicker*)

Breaking News: Gilles Has Lost His Mind

I am soooo pissed off at Gilles. He’s my favorite player, so I’m allowed to rage at him. His ass should have been in Brisbane or Doha or Sydney or Auckland these last two weeks, but it wasn’t. So after not playing any ATP tournaments, where is Gilles right now?

He’s at some stupid podunk exhibition in Adelaide! And even worse, he’s losing!

“The World Tennis Challenge” is taking place from the 12th-14th (i.e. right now) and features four teams from different regions. Each team consists of a current player and a retired player. Here are the teams:

Team Americas: John McEnroe & Robby Ginepri
Team Australasia: Pat Cash & Bernard Tomic
Team Europe: Henri Leconte & Gilles Simon
Team International: Patrick Rafter & Radek Stepanek

Here are the results so far:(Warning: this is sad)

Tuesday 12 January

Men’s Singles (Current)
Stepanek def. Simon 7-6 (4) 6-0 (A bagel, r u fucking kidding me?)
Tomic def. Ginepri 7-6 (4) 6-4

Men’s Singles (Legends)
Leconte def. Bahrami 8-5
Cash def. McEnroe 8-6

Men’s doubles
Stepanek/Bahrami (International) def. Simon/Leconte (Europe) 7-5 (pffft!)
Ginepri & McEnroe (Americas) def. Tomic & Cash (Australia) 7-6 (5)

International def. Europe 2-1
Australia def. Americas 2-1

Wednesday 13 January

Men’s Singles (Current)
Tomic def. Stepanek 6-3 2-6 (10-4)
Ginepri def. Simon 6-2 6-4 (it just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?!)

Men’s Singles (Legends)
Rafter def. Cash 8-4
McEnroe def. Leconte 8-6

Men’s doubles
Tomic/Cash (Australia) def. Rafter/Bahrami (International) 7-6 (7-5)
Ginepri & McEnroe (Americas) def. Simon/Leconte (Europe) 6-1 (*shocker*)

Australia def. International 2-1
Americas def. Europe 3-0

Of course, there are no pics of this *really awesome* event, so here’s a pic of Gilles that interprets how I feel right now in visual form:

With a warm-up this sad, I just don’t know what to expect at the AO. Especially after his knee injury in Paris. Gilles has quarterfinal points to defend in Melbourne. I’m going to try to be positive, but honestly: Gilles should have played Doha or Sydney instead of this stupid exo. End rant.

Kooyong Makes Room For More Hotness

Or fug-ness, depending on your preference. Hey, I’m just glad it’s not Fed. Muzz is playing Kooyong on Thursday in a special exhibition match, which is not included in the regular draw. Who he’ll be playing is unknown at the moment.

Hey, why not. The more the merrier. I’m feeling very generous towards Andy at the moment, but of course that will probably change sometime around the 4th round of the AO.