Tommy Has Balls. In More Ways Than One.


The Hopman Cup final was today, with Britain taking on Spain. Yesterday, if you recall, I said that I didn’t think L-Rob or T-Rob would win their singles matches, and thought it would be decided in mixed dubs. Well- I was right about the mixed dubs part at least.

L-Rob did well against MJMS, beating her 6-1 7-6. I kinda like L-Rob (not as much as everyone else, seemingly), but to be honest I didn’t want her to win because I thought Muzz would beat Tommy routinely and the mixed dubs would be non-existent.

So it was all on Tommy’s shoulders. He had to beat Muzz- and he did.

When Tommy lost the first set 6-1, I was definitely worried. But he actually gained mental strength as the match went on, eventually winning 1-6, 6-4, 6-3. I am beyond happy for Tommy. He played SO well. He served great, his net play was awesome, but most importantly- his confidence and mental focus got him the win. I hope he can keep it up in Auckland and Melbourne.

Then came the live!doubles match, and it was really fun to watch, and really intense. The Brits actually had 3 set points in the first set, but couldn’t convert. Overall, Team Spain played very smart, and Tommy was always ready to pounce at any opportunity. All credit to the Brits, but Andy was more timid than T-Rob, so that might have been a factor. Spain won 7-6, 7-5. VAMOS.

In reward for playing with major balls against the world #4, Tommy got another ball. A gold and diamond ball to match his other one. Tommy has 2 DIAMOND-ENCRUSTED BALLS. How many players can say that? Not many.

His speech was adorbs. ADORBS. Love him so much.

I love Hopman Cup.


Hopman Cup: L-Rob and Muzz Final-Bound

Today the final round robin matches were played at the Hopman Cup in Perth. The first session of the day was Great Britain vs Russia. Both teams could advance by winning the round, so the stakes were high.

L-Rob lost to Lena D 4-6, 0-6, which put all the pressure on Muzz to win his match against Igor. Lucky for the Brits, Muzz didn’t need much effort to beat Igor, in an embarrassing 6-1 6-0 beatdown. Poor Igor. Muzz has only dropped 10 games in 3 matches. Pretty awesome.

So it all came down to the mixed dubs. In another EPIC battle, the Brits defeated the Russians 6-4, 6-7(6/8), 7-6(10/6).

So it will be SPAIN VS BRITAIN in the final. Both teams are undefeated in mixed doubles, and fittingly, the session will probably come down to a mixed dubs throwdown. I don’t see L-Rob or Tommy beating their singles opponents, so here’s hoping for an exciting live dubs match to finish things off.

Also, a quick mention of Kazakhstan vs Germany. Kazakhstan had a chance to make the final going into their session, but Britain’s defeat of Russia put them out of the running. At least they got in some very nice wins singles wins though:

Shvedova def Lisicki: 6-4 7-6
Golubev def Kohlschreiber: 6-2 6-1

Well done to them. They were big underdogs in that session.

The Tommy Cup

That’s what they need to rename this tournament, because Tommy is straight up owning it. Yeah, he had help from MJMS, and yeah two of his opponents (Hanescu and Lleyton) were somewhat injured, but really all credit to Tommy. He owns the group.

And so Spain advances to the final with a 9-0 record. Tonight decides who will join them. I’d be happy with either Russia or Britain. Well, actually, I’d prefer Britain. Muzz should at least get a Hopman Cup final in exchange for his #4 ATP World Tour ranking, right?

Mother Russia Downed By Underdogs, Brits Get Sh*t Done

In a huge upset, Russia were defeated 2-1 in today’s Hopman Cup tie by massive underdogs Kazakhstan.

First up was Lena D, who redeemed herself following her loss to Lisicki by defeating JJ-slayer Yaroslava Shvedova easily, sailing to a comfortable 6-3, 6-1 victory to give Russia a 1-0 lead.

Then, the script was dramatically re-written when Igor Andreev was steamrolled by Andrey Golubev, 6-4, 6-3. Igor looked really out of sorts for the entire match, while Golubev was impressive. The tie was now level at 1-1. The teams then took to the court for Mixed Doubles, and in yet another shock, the Kazakhs defeated the much higher ranked Russian pair, 7-6, 6-4. Russia, who had been bookie’s favourites to reach the final, now face an uphill battle to proceed, and to have any hope of doing so, they must defeat these guys…

Team GB played a blinder today, taking their tie against the Germans 2-1. New HSM fave L-Rob was defeated by Lisicki 7-6, 6-3, but in her defense, she played out of her skin, and really pushed an opponent who is not only much older and higher ranked, but also much more experienced. Good for her.

Muzzard then pwned Kohlschreiber 6-4, 6-1, and the tie was level at 1 a piece.

Which meant that we had yet another live, and awesome, Mixed Doubs rubber. Muzz and L-Rob slaughtered their opponents, 6-3, 6-2, to put themselves in pole position to qualify from their group.

In a side note, Muzz and L-Rob are a fucking awesome team. They are so adorable together, and young Laura is most definitely the boss. They even took the time to take the piss out of each other during their presser;

L-Rob being awesome.


Hopman Cup: Aussies Knock Out USA, Spain Undefeated

Well, this isn’t a shock. In Session 5 of the Hopman Cup, the more experienced Aussies pretty much killed the USA in their singles matches, winning both in straight sets. Sam beat Melanie 6-2, 6-4 in the opener.

In men’s singles Hewitt was on fire and, frankly, Isner was not on his game. Two Isner double faults to open his first service game gave Lleyton the early break. Lleyton dominated from the start, winning 6-1, 7-5. With a lot of “come on!!”s in between.

Lleyton’s new short hair/no hat look makes him about a zillion times better-looking. I admit, I was thinking he was cute for a second there. Again, sue me.

Then came the mixed dubs. I was happy (and surprised) that the US was able to win the match 2-6, 6-1, 7-6 (10-5).

At least they’ve got a win on the board.


Session 6 was between Spain and Romania. Both these teams had solid first rounds wins, so this looked to be competitive. But it wasn’t to be. Sorana lost pretty swiftly to MJMS (4-6, 3-6). After being bageled by T-Rob in the second set of men’s singles, Hanescu was forced to retire from the session, giving Spain a walkover in mixed dubs. Sucks, but I’m glad Tommy’s team won.

Also, so as not to disappoint the crowd, Pat Cash stepped in and played on Sorana’s team in a short dubs “pro set,” which Spain won 8-4. And the fact that this wasn’t on my TV makes me very angry.

So Spain is currently undefeated at 6-0 after 2 sessions. Vamos! Though I don’t care for MJMS, I’d be happy if Spain won just because Tommy’s awesome.

Wednesday’s sessions are Britain vs Germany (10 AM local) and Russia vs Kazakhstan (5:30 PM local). Tennis Channel is airing Britain vs Germany tonight at 9PM est time, which is awesome. Can wait to see Muzz’ kit, and especially mixed dubs.

Oh, and it’s LADIES DAY. And Muzz is SINGLE. Look out.

¡Viva España!

Triumph for Spain!

In the second of this weekend’s Hopman Cup ties, the Spanish pairing of María José Martinez Sanchez and Tommy Robredo took on American duo of Melanie Oudin and John Isner.

First up, MJMS took on Journey’s postergirl, the much-hyped Oudin, and, apart from a nervous game or two late in the second set, pretty much wiped the floor with her, taking the match in straights, 6-4, 6-4.

Next up was the awesome T-Rob, who took on the serving machine that is John “Tree” Isner. In what was a thrilling spectacle, T-Rob came back after losing the first set on a tiebreak to defeat Isner 6-7, 6-3, 7-6. Robredo admitted after the match that it was hard to read Isner’s booming serve, saying; “It’s like a casino…you have to decide if it’s red or black. If it’s red it’s forehand, if it’s black it is backhand.”  Much love, Disco Tommy. Much love.

In the frankly irrelevant mixed doubs tie, Team Spain again kicked some American ass, this time taking the match, and wrapping up the tie 6-4, 7-5.

 Congrats to Team Spain!

Aussie Aussie Aussie! Bye Bye Bye!

So, it’s Hopman Cup time again, and while last year’s event was pretty much made of win, this year, there is no Marat or Flavs there. Despite this, the field is pretty interesting.

Todays match up saw hosts Australia take on Romania, with Sorana Cirstea and her ‘coon eyes taking on Slammin Sammy Stosur as the opener. In what was a minor upset, Cirstea def. Stosur, 3-6, 6-4, 6-3.

Next up, Lleyton Hewitt took on Victor Hanescu, and, after three sets of exhilarating tennis, the Aussie former World #1 came out on top, 3-6, 6-3, 7-6. Hewitt seemed to be playing better than we’ve seen from him in a long time. So, you know, look out, world (!).

So, it all came down to the Mixed Doubles with Sammy & Lleyton taking on Team HaneStea, which the Romanians won handily, 7-5, 6-1. Slammin Sammy again looked out of sorts, Hewitt impressed, and HaneStea were a well oiled machine.

To the victors go the spoils, so kudos Team Romania!