Marathon Practice

Thanks to my lovely tweeps, I knew that Rafa was practicing at 5:30 today. I didn’t know which court, but I figured it was a 50/50 shot between the two most popular practice courts. I kinda got lucky with guessing right. He and Sam practiced for over 2 hours. Of course I watched the whole entire thing without so much as moving from my spot in the front (it’s just what KADs do). Of course Rafa got swamped afterwards, and of course I went into the court after everyone followed Rafa out and I took another towel. LOL, I just had to.

Here are some pics. He started with an orange shirt, and later changed it to white. For a second I thought he was going to practice shirtless. What a tease. He was looking really good out there today. Rafa ftw in Miami, anyone? I think it’s time for another Masters shield. Vamos!

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“I’m Your Biggest Fan, I’ll Follow You Until…”

You know how the rest of the song goes. Gilles and Feli practiced on Wednesday and it was basically my dream. Actually Gilles/Nando is my dream but this is pretty close. Feli always chooses the best people to practice with- the man’s got taste. One of the best parts about this practice is that Lady Gaga was blasting from outside the court the whole time. Everything from “Poker Face” to “Monster” to “Alejandro.” (Yeah, I was cracking up when that last one came on.) Anyway, here are some pics.

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Wednesday Randomness

Just trying to catch up so I can post some Rafa and Nole stuff. Here are some pics from yesterday. (The only match I watched yesterday was Jeremy-Mario, and well, I didn’t take any pics bc I was up at the 400 level. I pretty much make it a rule to never go in the stadium, so I never bother buying more expensive seats. I’m still pissed at the stupid organizers for putting them on the stadium, pffft WHATEVER THANKS ALOT FUCKERS. My faves are underdogs and losers and headcases and I’m damn proud of that and they had no place in the stadium playing eachother. DAMMIT. Oh, and then I saw the END of Richie vs Peregrin Took (or Meriwether Brandybuck) idk which fucking hobbit he lost to but it sucked. Hobbits are shitlisted. /endrant)

Yeah, Muzz and Marcos practiced together. One half awesome, one half significantly less awesome. You make the call.

Am I the last one to know that Misha isn’t with Adidas anymore? He’s with Los? Adidas is really making some bad choices. Pffft.

He’s going to make a great actor with all his expressions.

Don’t hate, this was hot. As I said before, they’re besties in my mind now.

Besties with benefits. If I just freaked you out, I’m not sorry.

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Croat Heaven

Marin and Goran were some of the first people I saw when I arrived. He practiced twice on Tuesday.

Somewhere inbetween the 2 practices I fell in love with Marin’s brother. He seems so adorbs. He was smiling most of the time and helping out with the balls and stuff. When Goran and Marin went to rest and chillax, he just stayed standing where he is in this picture. He seems so sweet. Can’t. Stand. It. Too cute.

They’re so cute it’s incredible. And of course, Mario in a do-rag was the highlight of the day for sure…

He’s so hot and smart and awesome and he wore it well.


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More Tuesday Randomness

Guess who?

OK, there should be some rule that if you’re a hairy skinny white dude, you shouldn’t be shirtless next to Feli. It doesn’t work.

Thank you, Janko. You give the girls what they want. I salute you. However, did you really have to practice with Lames Blake? I mean it’s kind of a bonerkill.

Not to mention I had to pretend like I was taking some pics of Lames so I didn’t look like a total stalker. But I forgive you.

Poor Carlos. He had to withdraw, and he got attacked by kids before that. Yes, Tuesday was “Kids Day” or whatever. They were *everywhere.*  Honestly, kids should be banned from the tournament. Except for the ballkids, obvs.

Totally besties. In my mind. And that’s all that matters.

Why did he have to lose? FML. Honestly. To be a FrenchieKAD is to suffer.

I saw Vika practicing twice on Tuesday. Once with CanWoz and once with her hitting partner or whatever. She was really in a good mood, smiling, saying “nice shot” and other compliments to CanWoz.

I guess Miami holds good memories for her. Hope she wins again.

Of course randomness wouldn’t be randomness without a Mo sighting. I was walking out of the park to go home. Took the back way that passes Court 4 and there’s Mo’s head in my path, lol. He was rather randomly watching the Baltacha match on an outer court. I guess he’s a fan. And since he’s Mo, he couldn’t sit like everyone else. He had to stand. He’s that awesome.

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Day 1 Randomness

I’m about to leave for the day, but here’s a couple pictures from around the grounds. Now the I’m caught up on my sleep I’ll do more tonight!

The first person I saw, Gonzo, yay! Way hotter in person, and I don’t say that about just anyone 😛

Sven was seemingly everywhere. Well, he is God afterall. He was at Caro’s practices and at the one match I saw a bit of yesterday, Sorana vs de Brito.

I was so happy Sorana won. She was playing really good, smacking the hell out of the ball. I love her outfit too. I didn’t take any pics of de Brito bc she bugged the shit out of me. Her scream/shriek whatever sounds like an animal being tortured, it’s horrible. The people behind me were audibly laughing (loud enough for everyone to hear) everytime she yelped. She sucks.

Everyone was pretty much cheering for Sorana. After the match she stopped to take some pics with fans and Sven walked past her and I think he said “Vamos, Sugar.” Cute. Oh, and of course the Asian Line Judge was there. Of course.

I’ll post all the good stuff tonight. WordPress is being a bitch and not letting me upload anything else. I’ll try to get pics of Ana and Rafa and Nole today.

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The Exo I Almost Missed…

…and that everyone else really did miss. Because there weren’t very many people there. For some reason I thought the Glam. Set. Match exo with Ana, Nole, Mel B, and Jay Sean was going to be at night, like around 7PM. I was watching Jo (he practiced forever) and I just happened to overhear someone telling someone the exo was happening now, so I headed over there. The bottom line is, the SEO didn’t promote it like they should have. I bet 90% of the people in the park didn’t know it was happening.

There was no security (that cared anyway), so you could sit wherever you want. I snuck down to the area with the dedicated seats, the ones reserved for “important people,” i.e. people who rarely use them unless the big guys are playing. I probably could have gotten closer if I’d gone to the other side, but I only caught the last 15 minutes or so so I didn’t want to move again. The pictures I saw posted on some other blogs show no one in the audience, but there were a fair amount of people on the other side of the stadium (the side I was sitting on), where people would normally walk in from the grounds.

To be honest I have no idea what really happened. Ana won right? They were serving underhand and playing the kind of tennis you’d play with a 4 yr old, so that was pretty funny. That’s basically all I know. Anyway, here are some pictures:

WHAT THE FUCK WAS MOYA DOING THERE? WATCH OUT ANA. (I didn’t even notice he was there until I saw this pic lol).

All the pictures are Jills property. Don’t take any of them without her permission. Thanks.