Wednesday Randomness

Just trying to catch up so I can post some Rafa and Nole stuff. Here are some pics from yesterday. (The only match I watched yesterday was Jeremy-Mario, and well, I didn’t take any pics bc I was up at the 400 level. I pretty much make it a rule to never go in the stadium, so I never bother buying more expensive seats. I’m still pissed at the stupid organizers for putting them on the stadium, pffft WHATEVER THANKS ALOT FUCKERS. My faves are underdogs and losers and headcases and I’m damn proud of that and they had no place in the stadium playing eachother. DAMMIT. Oh, and then I saw the END of Richie vs Peregrin Took (or Meriwether Brandybuck) idk which fucking hobbit he lost to but it sucked. Hobbits are shitlisted. /endrant)

Yeah, Muzz and Marcos practiced together. One half awesome, one half significantly less awesome. You make the call.

Am I the last one to know that Misha isn’t with Adidas anymore? He’s with Los? Adidas is really making some bad choices. Pffft.

He’s going to make a great actor with all his expressions.

Don’t hate, this was hot. As I said before, they’re besties in my mind now.

Besties with benefits. If I just freaked you out, I’m not sorry.

All of the pictures are Jills property. Please don’t take them without her consent. Thanks


Australian Open: Day 6

Even with the presence of Jo, Nando, Nole, “Hasi,” and Pico, things were pretty damn boring today at the AO. I tried to resist this sentiment, but in the end it was true. For starters, top seeds Fed, Venus, Serena and Caro all won in straights. And there were no upsets today at all.

The day started with WTA matches. Bepa handed a beatdown to Gisela, and with with that look of defeat, we were halfway to the bitchfest showdown that me and my friends were hoping for. All we needed was Vika to win her match.

And Vika did win, in impressive style, 6-0 6-2. So now we have the epic bitchfest match that was supposed to happen in Hong Kong but didn’t (because Bepa pulled out there). They’re both crazy, but Vika is awesome and Bepa still has that recurrring ankle problem, so I (being the expert that I am, of course) think Vika WILL DESTROY Bepa. Think, hope, same diff. Regardless, it’s win-win. If Vika wins, we can all have a good laugh and celebration. If Bepa wins, we have one more reason to dislike Bepa. And that’s fun too.

Nole seems to be picking up his game as the tournament goes on. I didn’t watch the match, but from what others were saying and the score itself (6-1 6-1 6-2), let’s just say I’m not so worried anymore. Nole plays Kubot next, who got a walkover when Youzhny withdrew with a wrist injury. I fully expect Nole to win this match, but I do like Kubot and I hope he doesn’t get demolished out there. Kubot is a top doubles player and has a great singles game as well; should be a “comfortable test” for Nole.

Pico vs Kolya was not a fun match to watch. Kolya pretty much rolled over Pico, winning 6-0, 6-3, 6-4. Apparently Pico doesn’t know how to play Playstation. Regardless, this was a good run for him considering he’s most comfortable on clay. And at least he’s out of the cheetah and into a shirt that looks fairly decent on him.

But damn, Kolya. He hasn’t even been tested yet, and I’m scared to death for Nando. If he beats Pico and Nando and loses to Fed, I won’t be a happy camper.

But NandoKADs do have some hope. 1) Nando’s been playing well the last 1 1/2 weeks, 2) Nando will be rested because he only had to play one set today, and 3) THE HAND is back! Well, at least it resembles the hand from last year. Nando needs to come into this match with the same intensity level than he had in last year’s 4th rd vs Muzz. I’m cautiously optimistic. Please, PLEASE, Nando. Shock us all and win.

Moving on. In the match that no one cared about, Nico Almagro beat Alejandro Falla in straight sets. With a broken bone in his left wrist. So yeah, get back to the gym, Alejandro. Jo should have no trouble taking Nico out in the next round, though. Jo-Nole quarterfinal is imminent.

And of course there were the evening matches. I think we all expected Lleyton-Marcos to go at least 4 sets and be very competitive and physical. Alas, Marcos experienced pain in his shoulder from the outset and was forced to retire.

As much as I love Marcos, this scenario is better than a Fed walkover next round or a tired Lleyton having no chance to beat Fed. Lleyton is going to need his rest to try to take out The Mighty Douche.

Yes, I realize Marcos was injured and making a lot of UFE’s which contributed to the bagel set. But that being said: I was still impressed with Lleyton’s gameplan, intensity and movement. Credit where it’s due. In Lleyton’s last meeting with Fed at the 2009 USO, Lleyton took the first set and played a tight match. There are three variables that can sway the match in Lleyton’s favor this time: 1) the extra rest from having to play only 12 games today, 2) the Aussie crowd will be behind him and 3) Lleyton will want to become part of the “Fed’s Bitchboy No Longer” Club, led by Robin Bo Carl and Kolya. C’mon Lleyton. JOIN THE CLUB, PLEASE.

Marcos’ retirement meant that I got to see Jo and Tommy “Hasi” Haas on my TV. YAY. Both guys were playing well, and it must be noted that Tommy looked hotter than usual. He’s so entertaining. Tommy had a back rubdown during the match; hopefully it’s nothing serious. Last thing he needs is another injury right now.

In the end, Jo won in 4. And uh, Jim Courier took the load off and did Jo’s celebration for him. Cute.


Tomorrow, the Round of 16 starts. Only 16 men left now. Sad.

Full Saturday Results Here

Sunday OOP Here

Second Cutest Final Of The Day

Today was just full of adorable, wasn’t it? Over in Sydney, eternal underdogs and all-around cuties Richie and Marcos battled it out in the final. I’m not going to lie, I was pulling 100% for Richie, so I was sad for about 10 seconds after Marcos defeated him 6-4, 7-6. But I think it’s impossible to get truly upset over Marcos winning a title, so I’m very happy for him now.

So cute with his “Love Cyprus” shirt. I think Adidas maybe should have kept him though, considering he’s winning again.

Can they be BFFs? Marcos is already an honorary Frenchie.

Wednesday Results: ATP

Brisbane: Fun stuff happening in Brisbane. Nice, competitive matches, with a few surprising beatdowns thrown in. I was shocked by how well Ball played against Dick; he even had a set point in the first set. Blake had a hard time against Frenchie Gicquel, saving 3 MPs to eventually come out with a win (unfortunately). Monf vs Serra was another close one. Monf’s seemingly injured, but still hanging in there. Good for me, since he’s one of my tennis-pool picks. Also, RICHIE WON EASILY, woot.

I really can’t take him and Jo being injured all year again. This better be minor. Also, I love his hair at the moment.

I woke up at 5:30 to see Berd and Marcos, because they’re 2 of my faves, and I’m so glad I did. Berd pretty well destroyed Marcos, beating him 6-0 6-1 in a little over an hour.

Though I usually hate lopsided matches, I enjoyed this one because I was so happy about Tomas’ form. I really hope he keeps it up going into the AO.

Full Brisbane Men’s Results:

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Singles – Second Round
[1] A Roddick (USA) d [WC] C Ball (AUS) 76(0) 63
[2] R Stepanek (CZE) d [Q] O Dolgopolov Jr. (UKR) 57 76(4) 62
[3] G Monfils (FRA) d F Serra (FRA) 67(5) 76(5) 61
[4] T Berdych (CZE) d M Baghdatis (CYP) 60 61
J Blake (USA) d M Gicquel (FRA) 63 36 76(8) – Saved 3 M.P.
R Gasquet (FRA) d [Q] M Ebden (AUS) 63 64
W Odesnik (USA) d A Falla (COL) 67(8) 62 61
[8] T Bellucci (BRA) d H Levy (ISR) 64 46 64

Doubles – Quarter-finals
J Blake (USA) / A Roddick (USA) d [4] M Melo (BRA) / B Soares (BRA) 76(3) 64

Doubles – First Round
[3] M Llodra (FRA) / A Ram (ISR) d [WC] P Luczak (AUS) / J Sirianni (AUS) 36 64 10-7

Chennai: No one’s really talking about Chennai, and so Janko, Marin and Stan are quietly making their ways towards the semifinals/final. Marin had a close call today, losing the first set to Granollers but eventually winning 6-4 in the third. Janko had a great match against Devvarman, winning in easy straight sets. I noticed that Janko has a new tattoo, on the back of his left upper arm. It looks rad.

All he needs to do to get to the semis is beat Thiemo de Bakker. And he’s simply too badass not to win that match. Ajde!

Full Chennai Results:

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Singles – Second Round
[2] M Cilic (CRO) d M Granollers (ESP) 67(3) 63 64
[4] J Tipsarevic (SRB) d [WC] S Devvarman (IND) 62 61
T de Bakker (NED) d R Haase (NED) 63 64
S Giraldo (COL) d J Hajek (CZE) 64 62

Doubles – First Round
Y Allegro (SUI) / S Wawrinka (SUI) d [1] E Butorac (USA) / R Ram (USA) 36 64 10-5
C Fleming (GBR) / K Skupski (GBR) d J Hajek (CZE) / L Lacko (SVK) 64 64
[WC] Y Bhambri (IND) / C Moya (ESP) d R Ginepri (USA) / D Sela (ISR) 62 46 10-5
J Cerretani (USA) / T Rettenmaier (USA) vs [3] M Bhupathi (IND) / R Bopanna (IND) 36 55 – postponed due to rain
Y Lu (TPE) / J Tipsarevic (SRB) vs M Berrer (GER) / S Greul (GER) 52 – postponed due to rain

Doha: There’s really not much to say about Doha. Without the cat and Rafa’s new kit to brighten things up, this place would be dead. Fed, Rafa, and Kolya breezed through in straights. Fed and Kolya killed some hotness in the form of Evgeny and Marco. I wish Jo hadn’t had to withdraw. He’d have added some much-needed life to the tourney.

Younes lost the final match of his career to Darcis and there was a ceremony for him:

Ernie had a nice win over Seppi. His reward is the chance to play Fed in the QFs. Divine intervention would be nice right about now.

Full Doha Results:

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Singles – Second Round
[1] R Federer (SUI) d E Korolev (KAZ) 62 64
[2] R Nadal (ESP) d P Starace (ITA) 62 62
[3] N Davydenko (RUS) d M Chiudinelli (SUI) 63 64
[5] V Troicki (SRB) d O Rochus (BEL) 62 62
[7] I Karlovic (CRO) d [Q] B Becker (GER) 46 63 62
[Q] S Darcis (BEL) d [WC] Y El Aynaoui (MAR) 63 61
L Kubot (POL) d S Stakhovsky (UKR) 62 76(5)
E Gulbis (LAT) d A Seppi (ITA) 64 75

Doubles – Quarter-finals
[2] F Cermak (CZE) / M Mertinak (SVK) d S Darcis (BEL) / L Kubot (POL) 46 76(6) 11-9
G Garcia-Lopez (ESP) / A Montanes (ESP) d W Moodie (RSA) / M Youzhny (RUS) 62 26 10-6
E Korolev (KAZ) / S Stakhovsky (UKR) vs [3] M Fyrstenberg (POL) / M Matkowski (POL)
[4] C Kas (GER) / D Norman (BEL) vs M Chiudinelli (SUI) / V Troicki (SRB)