More Tuesday Randomness

Guess who?

OK, there should be some rule that if you’re a hairy skinny white dude, you shouldn’t be shirtless next to Feli. It doesn’t work.

Thank you, Janko. You give the girls what they want. I salute you. However, did you really have to practice with Lames Blake? I mean it’s kind of a bonerkill.

Not to mention I had to pretend like I was taking some pics of Lames so I didn’t look like a total stalker. But I forgive you.

Poor Carlos. He had to withdraw, and he got attacked by kids before that. Yes, Tuesday was “Kids Day” or whatever. They were *everywhere.*  Honestly, kids should be banned from the tournament. Except for the ballkids, obvs.

Totally besties. In my mind. And that’s all that matters.

Why did he have to lose? FML. Honestly. To be a FrenchieKAD is to suffer.

I saw Vika practicing twice on Tuesday. Once with CanWoz and once with her hitting partner or whatever. She was really in a good mood, smiling, saying “nice shot” and other compliments to CanWoz.

I guess Miami holds good memories for her. Hope she wins again.

Of course randomness wouldn’t be randomness without a Mo sighting. I was walking out of the park to go home. Took the back way that passes Court 4 and there’s Mo’s head in my path, lol. He was rather randomly watching the Baltacha match on an outer court. I guess he’s a fan. And since he’s Mo, he couldn’t sit like everyone else. He had to stand. He’s that awesome.

All the pictures are Jills property. Don’t take any of them without her permission. Thanks.

Hit for Haiti Part Deux

Friday night there was the charity exo Hit for Haiti at IW. I know everyone is talking about what went on between Andre and Pete but I’m just so over it. So I’m just going to focus on the good. Great Legends playing tennis for a good cause. What if some of them are total douches? Douches have hearts too.  Andre owned the exo even if team Rafandre lost they win at life. He knows how to entertain the public.  Always the showman that’s why ppl love him. The Ladies match bored me, Steffi save it just by being her awesome self.  So here it goes.

Pic Spam Alert!!!

This maybe one of the most awesome pics in tennis history. Pete and Fed are douches but they’re legends. I give credit where it’s due.

Team Douche special hand shake.

Team Awesome high five.

Hugging it out.

Can someone explain what it says on Rafa’s shirt? Please.

It seems Fed and Andre were just as confused- but got an explanation from Rafa himself.

Rafa looks so fucking excited. Rafadorable!

I can’t get over this beautiful pic and Fed’s face. It’s rather cute I must admit.

The Queen and King of Tennis. I love them so much.