The Return Of The King

I will start saying: Fucking Finally!!! Rafa won a 6 straight Monte Carlo tittle making history (he’s the first man to win the same tourney 6 straights times in the Open era).  Rafa also ended the torturous 11 month tittle drought. If you guys follow me on twitter well you know that I always thought that Rafa would win his first tittle of the year in the clay season. It was  hard to wait this long, just like every RafaKAD must have felt. I always had the hope that he would win before the clay season but it didn’t happen.  I just hope that Rafa can finally gain the confidence he was lacking, his game has always been there. Okay with those thoughts out of the way I will talk about the match. Not much to say Rafa just destroyed Nando 6-0,6-1. I will just quote Nando “I can’t find my game. I don’t know what to do”. There where a couple of awesome points and rallies. I think everyones fave was when Nando won a really long point and fell on his knees and thank the heavens.  Rafa was in destruction mode the whole week and he didn’t give a fuck if some of the players are his friends. The Rafa Nadal bakery was opened for business and was giving bagels and bread sticks left and right.  He was sending a message that he’s still the King of Clay and that he’s healthy (Please Tennis gods keep him healthy).  About Nando well he got trashed by Rafa but lets look at the positives he finally broke the Quarterfinal wall after making like 300 Quarterfinals at the Masters 1000 and never making the semis. This week he beat Berdy, Nando was becoming his bitch boy lets be real. He also beat the #2 player in the World Nole and made his first Masters 1000 final. So is not all bad. Now, how about a pic Spam?

Monte Carlo Final Pic Spam Alert!!!

You guys can see how much this meant to Rafa. He cried,ffs.

So Bromantic <3<3<3

Nando you look adorable. Le sigh.

I didn’t know witch one to choose so I will post both because I can.

That winning smile, sigh.

Someone was being careful with his teeth. So cute.

Lick it up, baby. Just lick it up.

Next stop in “The Reclaim of the Clay Kingdom”:  Rome

Nando downs Nole, Rafa blasts past Ferru

So, that was some performance by Fernando Verdasco Carmona!

This awesome HSM fave made his first ever Masters Series final by defeating

this awesome HSM fave. Poor Nole had a bad match, he just never really hit his stride. But that does not take away from the fact that Nando played some beautiful tennis, and really hit some amazing shots. So, Fernando Verdasco def. Novak Djokovic 6-2, 6-2. He’ll now face…

Rafa, who breezed passed fellow Armada hottie Ferru, 6-2, 6-3. Rafa was impressive, but not quite at the awesome level he reached in the QFs. Still, it’s so nice to see him back on the clay and kicking ass.

This was overall a good week for Ferru. He played some solid tennis, but just couldn’t deal with Rafa’s maaaad clay court skillz.

So. Rafa vs Nando tomorrow ladies and gentlemen. Buckle up, it’s gonna be some fucking ride.

Vamos chicos!

Mmmonte Carlo brings the epic matches

So, clay court tennis is made of shiny win. And today, one badass Frenchie and one badass Spaniard proved that point for us and our viewing pleasure

This dude*

 defeated this dude

in what was by far the match of the day. The tennis was incredible, with both men hitting their best level of tennis. So? JCF’s reward for winning this epic tennis battle? A match with….

Rafa. Nice reward, huh? /sarcasm Anyways, The King of Clay kicked some serious ass yet again today, coming through 0 and 1 again in under an hour. Va-fucking-mos!


HSM fave Nando defeated fellow HSM fave Tomas Berdych to end a run of two straight losses against the Czech. Nando really needed the win, and will now face Montanes for a place in the semis. Vamos, Fer!  

Other notable stories; Nole sailing past Stanley the Manly, Nalby showing us that he’s back and he means business, Ferru taking out Old Man Ljubicic and the fact that 5 of the 8 quarter finalists are Spanish. Lovin’ your work, Armada!

Full results from Thursday, 15 April 2010

Singles – Third Round
[1] N Djokovic (SRB) d [13] S Wawrinka (SUI) 64 64
[2] R Nadal (ESP) d M Berrer (GER) 60 61
A Montanes (ESP) d [4] M Cilic (CRO) 64 64
[11] D Ferrer (ESP) d [8] I Ljubicic (CRO) 60 76(4)
[9] J Ferrero (ESP) d [5] J Tsonga (FRA) 61 36 75
[6] F Verdasco (ESP) d [10] T Berdych (CZE) 57 63 62
D Nalbandian (ARG) d [12] T Robredo (ESP) 63 64
P Kohlschreiber (GER) d P Petzschner (GER) 63 64

Doubles – Second Round
[1] D Nestor (CAN) / N Zimonjic (SRB) d J Melzer (AUT) / M Youzhny (RUS) 63 76(1)
[2] B Bryan (USA) / M Bryan (USA) d [WC] R Hutchins (GBR) / A Murray (GBR) 67(4) 62 10-2 
[6] L Kubot (POL) / O Marach (AUT) d N Almagro (ESP) / I Ljubicic (CRO) 64 67(4) 10-4
[7] S Aspelin (SWE) / P Hanley (AUS) d E Butorac (USA) / M Kohlmann (GER) 57 62 10-6
[8] M Knowles (BAH) / B Soares (BRA) d [WC] R Gasquet (FRA) / J Tsonga (FRA) W/O (Tsonga – right groin)

OOP for FRIDAY, 16 APRIL 2010

COURT CENTRAL start 10:30 am
[11] D Ferrer (ESP) vs P Kohlschreiber (GER)
[9] J Ferrero (ESP) vs [2] R Nadal (ESP)
[1] N Djokovic (SRB) vs D Nalbandian (ARG)
A Montanes (ESP) vs [6] F Verdasco (ESP)
[1] D Nestor (CAN) / N Zimonjic (SRB) vs [8] M Knowles (BAH) / B Soares (BRA)

COURT DES PRINCES start 1:00 pm
[4] W Moodie (RSA) / D Norman (BEL) vs [6] L Kubot (POL) / O Marach (AUT)
[5] M Bhupathi (IND) / M Mirnyi (BLR) vs [2] B Bryan (USA) / M Bryan (USA)
[7] S Aspelin (SWE) / P Hanley (AUS) vs D Ferrer (ESP) / M Lopez (ESP

 *I’d like to apologise for using that awful photo of the delicious BAMF that is JCF, but it’s the only one I could find!


Wednesday Randomness

Just trying to catch up so I can post some Rafa and Nole stuff. Here are some pics from yesterday. (The only match I watched yesterday was Jeremy-Mario, and well, I didn’t take any pics bc I was up at the 400 level. I pretty much make it a rule to never go in the stadium, so I never bother buying more expensive seats. I’m still pissed at the stupid organizers for putting them on the stadium, pffft WHATEVER THANKS ALOT FUCKERS. My faves are underdogs and losers and headcases and I’m damn proud of that and they had no place in the stadium playing eachother. DAMMIT. Oh, and then I saw the END of Richie vs Peregrin Took (or Meriwether Brandybuck) idk which fucking hobbit he lost to but it sucked. Hobbits are shitlisted. /endrant)

Yeah, Muzz and Marcos practiced together. One half awesome, one half significantly less awesome. You make the call.

Am I the last one to know that Misha isn’t with Adidas anymore? He’s with Los? Adidas is really making some bad choices. Pffft.

He’s going to make a great actor with all his expressions.

Don’t hate, this was hot. As I said before, they’re besties in my mind now.

Besties with benefits. If I just freaked you out, I’m not sorry.

All of the pictures are Jills property. Please don’t take them without her consent. Thanks

*Insert Miami Vice Joke Here*

Thank you Miami! Nando in a Jet-Sky. Nando Shirtless. Just one thing. Can he please just shave? Jills can you find him and tell him something about this situation? Anyway….

Nando Pic Spam Alert!!!

He was so made for this.

Sigh. That smile ❤

Tom Cruise in Risky Business or Don Johnson in Miami Vice? You guys make the choice.

Players Party: Full Of Fashion Don’ts and Media Whores.

The Sony Ericsson Open Players Party was last night a bunch of players attended and some people that I really don’t know who the fuck they are. Why do the photographers even bother? So I’m going to ignore the media whores and concentrate on the true stars of the party ( No, I’m not talking about NERD aka the entertainment) I mean the players of course. I’m still full of OMG!, WTFs? and Really? so you will see that a lot of those in this post.

Pic Spam Alert!!!!

I have to say that JJ is looking quite fab. Is like she found the right balance with being glittery and classy. So Yay!

I don’t know if I like or hate Vee’s dress. Okay I hate it, so yeah. It looks like she took the dress from her mom’s closet. Really, Vee?

Someone maybe injured but still looking amazing.  But don’t tell  ReRe, we don’t need her ego to get any bigger.

The Rad sisters. OMG! I’m just…. I’m lost for words. First ARad, I always see her and think Jersey Girl.  Are the Animal Prints still in? URad WTF is with the shoes? Really, pink dress and blue shoes?

Oh, look the Little Mermaid! Or maybe Tinkerbell! WTF are you wearing Caro? It looks like they painted the dress on her. I’m sad to say (not really) that she looked kind of trashy.

Now to the boys and there we don’t give fuck look.

At least try, dude. Whatevs,next.

Muzz looks decent. That’s all I will say.

First of all the caption was hilarious it actually said Rafael Nadal so I needed a few minutes to control my giggle fit. After that I saw what Nando was wearing. Sigh. Really, Nando? You’re so much better than this. No shaving, his hair is a mess (Bring back the Nando Hawk!!) and the clothes. *shakes head* Since when does Nando not take care of himself? WTF is going on?

ARad= Polish Snookie (but not slutty, well that we know of)

Looking good CanWoz. Well, they looked like they had fun.

What do you guys think?

Warning: This post was made during an Insomnia episode. Side effects include extra vitchiness and being extra mean.

Hotness of the Week: Fernando Verdasco

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time again. Time for Hotness of the Week. This week’s choice is one Fernando Verdasco Carmona. And he is one hot motherfucker.

He’s sexy when he’s being all fierce

He’s delicious when he’s being a thespian dahhling (or trying to)

He makes me give out *high pitched squeals* when he’s being fucking adorable

He is fit as fuck when flashing those abs (is it bad that I just wanna lick ice cream off his abs?)

He gets nekkid for charity, which makes the Karma Gods and my vagina mucho happy

Look at it. I know you know what I’m talking about. LOOK AT IT. I WANT!

Ai Dios mio y todo los Santos. He’s basically a hot BAMF. And he wins at life AND at tennis.

Fernando Verdasco Carmona, me and my ladywood salute you.


Yesterday was a dark day at IW. There was only a little bit of life and hope left. Some Serbs and a Spanish dude that I flove with all my heart had to something with that. Let’s see what happened. I will start like always with the good news.

Rafa cruised against Ancic winning, 62 62. Good to have Mario back and happy that he lost *Merciless KAD* Also good news; Rafa knows how fugly his shorts are and said that he will be only wearing them this week. Rafa, next time ask for a sample of the finished product, not just the sketches. Sometimes things on paper look better than in person, this is one of those cases.

The good news about Nole is that he won. The bad news, he keeps playing like shit. He beat Kohls 63 26 76(3). He saved like 3 MPs, not sure since I was totally frazzled and pissed. Nole save some of that shitty play if you play Rafa in the semis. Kthxbye.

I had to post this pic. I’m still cracking up, it’s just so JJ. Well she won, but she also played like shit. She beat Errani, 26 76(6) 64.  Her serve was crap, I know her serve is not the best but  this was too much. Where is her awesome backhand down the line? I think I saw it somewhere but it landed in the doubles alley.

Now to the bloodbath of players that I like or love. Here is the victims list.

Nando, Oh Nando. He got trashed by Berdy,60 63. Yep, that’s a bagel. WTF Nando? Sigh.

Vika WTF happened? Sigh. She lost to Martinez Sanchez in straights,76(4) 62.

Bella Flavi lost to Peer,64 67(4) 61. This one is more for Emma than for me.  Sorry, vitch.

Kim lost to Kleybs. Kleybs!!! It seems Klebs likes to beat nice girls that are slam champions. You’re not Ana, Kim!! The score 64 16 76(4) and that last set TB was a total WTF? I still don’t know what went on.

Juanqui lost to Pico,76(2) 36 63. I hate when players that I like meet so early at a tourney. I love Pico but I kind of love Juanqui more, it’s the Spanish thing. I’m okay with this loss. I will give a couple of reasons. Juanqui has won a couple of titles and Pico needed it more. The most important reason? We where left with this:

Hotness and eternally hard nipples. YUM!

Full Results: Monday, March 15, 2010

Men’s Singles – Third Round
[2] N Djokovic (SRB) d [25] P Kohlschreiber (GER) 63 26 76(3)
[3] R Nadal (ESP) d M Ancic (CRO) 62 62
[19] T Berdych (CZE) d [10] F Verdasco (ESP) 60 63
[21] J Monaco (ARG) d [11] J Ferrero (ESP) 76(2) 36 63
[15] J Isner (USA) d [17] S Querrey (USA) 76(3) 64
[20] I Ljubicic (CRO) d [Q] B Dabul (ARG) 62 63
G Garcia-Lopez (ESP) d [26] T Bellucci (BRA) 46 62 61
Women’s Singles – Third Round
[28] M Martinez Sanchez (ESP) d [3] V Azarenka (BLR) 76(4) 62
[6] J Jankovic (SRB) d S Errani (ITA) 26 76(6) 64
[8] S Stosur (AUS) d [25] A Pavlyuchenkova (RUS) 63 60
[17] S Peer (ISR) d [9] F Pennetta (ITA) 64 67(4) 61
[12] V Zvonareva (RUS) d A Sevastova (LAT) 62 63
[13] Y Wickmayer (BEL) d R Vinci (ITA) 61 36 63
[23] A Kleybanova (RUS) d [14] K Clijsters (BEL) 64 16 76(4)
C Suarez Navarro (ESP) d [27] A Szavay (HUN) 64 36 61
Men’s Doubles – Second Round

[1] D Nestor (CAN) / N Zimonjic (SRB) d J Blake (USA) / A Roddick (USA) 64 36 10-7
[6] S Aspelin (SWE) / P Hanley (AUS) d J Benneteau (FRA) / J Tsonga (FRA) 76(4) 63
I Karlovic (CRO) / D Vemic (SRB) d D Ferrer (ESP) / A Montanes (ESP) 63 46 12-10
Women’s Doubles – Second Round
[1] C Black (ZIM) / L Huber (USA) d A Amanmuradova (UZB) / D Kustova (BLR) 62 62
[3] N Petrova (RUS) / S Stosur (AUS) d A Hlavackova (CZE) / L Hradecka (CZE) 64 60
K Peschke (CZE) / K Srebotnik (SLO) d N Grandin (RSA) / A Spears (USA) 61 62

Windy Conditions = WTF results?

Hey look: a post about Indian Wells. There were good results, bad results and results that make you go WTF is going on? The wind was going on. It looked so windy yesterday.  Some players where able to deal with it; some weren’t. Let’s start with the good results, shall we?

Nando beat some guy I never heard of 64 61. So good day at the office. Didn’t catch the match so don’t know what happened.

Rafa and his grandpa shorts played his first match since the AO. He played rather well considering the fucked up conditions. He beat Old Man Schuettler, 64 64. He looks healthy and that’s all that matters, but those shorts are fugly as hell.

Then we have Nole. Don’t worry ppl he won- but it wasn’t pretty. He beat Fish, 61 06 62. There’s something weird with that score. Oh yeah- Nole got bageled by the new thinner Mardy in the second set. Really WTF Nole? I fell  asleep for a moment and woke up to see that Nole won the first set rather easily. Then he gets bageled by Fish of all ppl. Well he won at the end and that’s all that matters.

The biggest WTF? and upset was Marin losing and getting bageled by Garcia-Lopez, giving GarLo his first win of the year, 76(1) 60. I can’t find pics of that match anywhere, maybe it’s for the best. Marin was horrible in that last set. The dude can’t deal with the wind. It was error after error. I think Goran needs to get a wind machine and make Marin practice in some court with the mentioned machine.  Thanks for fucking up everyones ATP bracket, Marin. Moving on to the chicks.

The only WTA match that I sort of saw was Bepa. FU Tennis Channel. Trying to watch this match was the reason I fell asleep and missed the first set of Nole/Fish. I wasn’t interested in the match in the first place so I’m not going to say anything else about it.

I will just give the usual results for the WTA.

Thanks for sort of saving my day on the WTA side, Vika. She beat Bammer 61 75. Now to the bad news.

Ana lost. I’m not surprised. Windy + Fucked up ball toss = Loss. Now Ana is out of the Top 50. Welcome back to the qualies, Ana. She lost a shit load of points since she made the final last year. Maybe this is really rock bottom and things will get better? That’s all I have left: hope. Moving on.

Now the biggest upset and WTF? Top seed Kuzz losing to Suarez Navarro,64 46 61 . I will accept this loss by Kuzz since she had the most awesome Twitter tirade evah. Last night she became my favorite tennis player on Twitter. Not that she wasn’t amazing before. Twitter has become 100% more awesome since she joined.  If you don’t follow her or don’t have a Twitter account I recommend you follow her or get an account, Yes, Sveta, fuck the haters and don’t worry I’m not “jurging” you. Much love, see you in Miami.

Full Results: Saturday, March 13, 2010

Men’s Singles – Second Round
[2] N Djokovic (SRB) d M Fish (USA) 61 06 62
[3] R Nadal (ESP) d [Q] R Schuettler (GER) 64 64
[5] N Davydenko (RUS) d E Gulbis (LAT) 64 64
G Garcia-Lopez (ESP) d [8] M Cilic (CRO) 76(1) 60
[10] F Verdasco (ESP) d [Q] R Delgado (PAR) 64 61
[11] J Ferrero (ESP) d D Koellerer (AUT) 63 60
[15] J Isner (USA) d [Q] K Anderson (RSA) 63 75
[Q] B Dabul (ARG) d [16] G Simon (FRA) 75 64
[17] S Querrey (USA) d J Chardy (FRA) 63 64
[19] T Berdych (CZE) d F Serra (FRA) 75 46 64
[20] I Ljubicic (CRO) d [WC] R Harrison (USA) 62 76(2)
[21] J Monaco (ARG) d F Fognini (ITA) 64 75
[25] P Kohlschreiber (GER) d P Petzschner (GER) 63 62
[26] T Bellucci (BRA) d [WC] C Moya (ESP) w/o (foot)
[29] V Troicki (SRB) d P Cuevas (URU) 10 ret. (back)
M Ancic (CRO) d [31] J Benneteau (FRA) 46 76(5) 63
Women’s Singles – Second Round
C Suarez Navarro (ESP) d [1] S Kuznetsova (RUS) 64 46 61
[3] V Azarenka (BLR) d S Bammer (AUT) 61 75
[6] J Jankovic (SRB) d [Q] P Martic (CRO) 63 76(2)
[8] S Stosur (AUS) d J Coin (FRA) 61 76(4
[9] F Pennetta (ITA) d P Kvitova (CZE) 63 63
[12] V Zvonareva (RUS) d [Q] S Stephens (USA) 64 75
[13] Y Wickmayer (BEL) d J Goerges (GER) 62 64
[14] K Clijsters (BEL) d B Zahlavova Strycova (CZE) 62 61
[17] S Peer (ISR) d [WC] B Mattek-Sands (USA) 62 63
R Vinci (ITA) d [21] D Hantuchova (SVK) 63 75
[23] A Kleybanova (RUS) d [Q] T Pironkova (BUL) 67(5) 63 61
A Sevastova (LAT) d [24] A Ivanovic (SRB) 62 64
[25] A Pavlyuchenkova (RUS) d [Q] K Sprem (CRO) 63 61
S Errani (ITA) d [26] D Cibulkova (SVK) 75 64
Men’s Doubles – First Round
*I Andreev (RUS) / E Korolev (KAZ) d [4] M Bhupathi (IND) / M Mirnyi (BLR) 64 64
[5] F Cermak (CZE) / M Mertinak (SVK) d B Becker (GER) / S Huss (AUS) 75 67(5) 10-8
I Karlovic (CRO) / D Vemic (SRB) d [7] M Fyrstenberg (POL) / M Matkowski (POL) 76(6) 76(3)
J Blake (USA) / A Roddick (USA) d R Hutchins (GBR) / A Murray (GBR) 75 76(5)
M Llodra (FRA) / A Ram (ISR) d M Damm (CZE) / R Stepanek (CZE) 57 63 10-7
J Brunstrom (SWE) / J Rojer (AHO) d J Knowle (AUT) / J Melzer (AUT) 64 46 10-5
* replaced N Almagro (ESP) / T Robredo (ESP) (Robredo – toe)
Women’s Doubles – Second Round
Y Chan (TPE) / J Zheng (CHN) d S Borwell (GBR) / R Kops-Jones (USA) 61 62
M Kirilenko (RUS) / A Radwanska (POL) d V Dushevina (RUS) / A Rodionova (AUS) 60 63


STADIUM 1 start 11:00 am

[9] J Tsonga (FRA) vs [Q] M Matosevic (AUS) – ATP

Not Before 1:00 PM

[4] A Murray (GBR) vs A Seppi (ITA) – ATP

Not Before 3:00 PM

[18] J Zheng (CHN) vs [10] M Sharapova (RUS) – WTA

[1] R Federer (SUI) vs V Hanescu (ROU) – ATP

Not Before 7:00 PM

[Q] Y Lu (TPE) vs [7] A Roddick (USA) – ATP

Not Before 8:30 PM

[32] M Kirilenko (RUS) vs [2] C Wozniacki (DEN) – WTA

STADIUM 2 start 11:00 am

[5] A Radwanska (POL) vs [31] G Dulko (ARG) – WTA

Not Before 12:30 PM

[WC] M Lopez (ESP) / R Nadal (ESP) vs [3] L Dlouhy (CZE) / L Paes (IND) – ATP

[12] G Monfils (FRA) vs S Greul (GER) – ATP

Not Before 5:00 PM

K Flipkens (BEL) vs [4] E Dementieva (RUS) – WTA

J Blake (USA) vs [13] D Ferrer (ESP) – ATP

[16] N Petrova (RUS) vs S Peng (CHN) – WTA

STADIUM 3 start 11:00 am

A Clement (FRA) vs [27] M Baghdatis (CYP) – ATP

J Craybas (USA) vs [11] M Bartoli (FRA) – WTA

E Korolev (KAZ) vs [6] R Soderling (SWE) – ATP

[WC] D Nalbandian (ARG) vs [22] J Melzer (AUT) – ATP

M Russell (USA) vs [32] I Andreev (RUS) – ATP

COURT 4 start 11:00 am

[15] F Schiavone (ITA) vs [19] A Rezai (FRA) – WTA

[28] F Lopez (ESP) vs P Mathieu (FRA) – ATP

[6] B Mattek-Sands (USA) / Z Yan (CHN) vs [WC] T Garbin (ITA) / J Jankovic (SRB) – WTA

T Berdych (CZE) / P Kohlschreiber (GER) vs [2] B Bryan (USA) / M Bryan (USA) – ATP

F Lopez (ESP) / F Verdasco (ESP) vs [WC] M Ancic (CRO) / M Fish (USA) – ATP

[Q] R Mello (BRA) vs [24] A Montanes (ESP) – ATP

COURT 5 start 11:00 am

[30] J Tipsarevic (SRB) vs T de Bakker (NED) – ATP

[Q] E Baltacha (GBR) vs [WC] A Molik (AUS) – WTA

[5] A Kleybanova (RUS) / F Schiavone (ITA) vs I Benesova (CZE) / B Zahlavova Strycova (CZE) – WTA-TBA-After Suitable Rest

G Dulko (ARG) / F Pennetta (ITA) vs [2] N Llagostera Vives (ESP) / M Martinez Sanchez (ESP) – WTA-TBA-After Suitable Rest

COURT 6 start 11:00 am

[6] S Aspelin (SWE) / P Hanley (AUS) vs J Kerr (AUS) / F Polasek (SVK) – ATP

[23] I Karlovic (CRO) vs N Almagro (ESP) – ATP

[18] T Robredo (ESP) vs S Stakhovsky (UKR) – ATP

D Sela (ISR) vs [14] R Stepanek (CZE) – ATP

[1] D Nestor (CAN) / N Zimonjic (SRB) vs E Butorac (USA) / R Ram (USA) – ATP



That’s all I have to say. The whole Calvin Klein add featuring Nando. I’m just speachless. Warning NSFW. I recomend that wait til you get home. Then get some wine, candles and enjoy.

Yes Nando, Your Fans Like It.

Oh, yes we do. The posting has been almost none existent this week. The vitches are having a big AO hangover. Yes, there has been tennis going on. There’s always tennis going on. So there be a post about tomorrow’s finals and well I really don’t care about Fed Cup. So I will ignore it. In the mean time: How about some Spanish Chorizo? Nando is every fangirl wet dream. I’m still catching my breath. The person who oiled his body must be one of the luckiest persons in the world. I want that job, dammit. *pouts* Enjoy.

Holy FeVer!

I think that’s all I got. Nando’s new Calvin Klein ad. I think, I need a cold shower. Can he play just wearing that?


Updated: ( For more pics check out  Down The Line )

Aussie Open Day 8 Dudes results. The day the hotness died.

Well, overall, that fucking sucked.

Good job, photog. HSM fave and DBO provider Nando lost another epic five setter, this time to the ultimate boner killer….

Damn you Kolya. Why ya gotta play us HSM ladies like that? Stop beating our faves ya tool! (Although we do love your missus. Irina pwns everyone.)

Nando fought back from two ses to love down to force a decider, but in the end, lost by 6-2, 7-5, 4-6, 6-7, 6-3.

Kolya will now play TMD, who ruined the night of Aussie fans, and indeed TMD haterz, by beating Lleyton in straights. I didn’t see the match, but hear it was an incredibly boring affair. What a shock. Kolya, I usually DGAF about your matches, but try and actually beat TMD when it matters this time. Otherwise…

This BAMF will probably kick your ass, and you’ll be on the HSM shitlist forever.

There was some good news today, this hottie got great win..

beating Lukasz Kubot in straights, and will now face this cutie…

..who came through another five set epic against Assmagro. It will be a repeat of the 2008 AO final. Gah. I can’t wait!

Day 9 OOP on RLA (11am start) Day Sesh : Haley Joel Henin v Nads, Jay Z vs MaKiri, RANdy vs Marin.

Evening Sesh( NB 19:30): Rafa vs MAndy bitches!!! Followed by the Douche Twins vs Some other dudes.

Australian Open: Day 6

Even with the presence of Jo, Nando, Nole, “Hasi,” and Pico, things were pretty damn boring today at the AO. I tried to resist this sentiment, but in the end it was true. For starters, top seeds Fed, Venus, Serena and Caro all won in straights. And there were no upsets today at all.

The day started with WTA matches. Bepa handed a beatdown to Gisela, and with with that look of defeat, we were halfway to the bitchfest showdown that me and my friends were hoping for. All we needed was Vika to win her match.

And Vika did win, in impressive style, 6-0 6-2. So now we have the epic bitchfest match that was supposed to happen in Hong Kong but didn’t (because Bepa pulled out there). They’re both crazy, but Vika is awesome and Bepa still has that recurrring ankle problem, so I (being the expert that I am, of course) think Vika WILL DESTROY Bepa. Think, hope, same diff. Regardless, it’s win-win. If Vika wins, we can all have a good laugh and celebration. If Bepa wins, we have one more reason to dislike Bepa. And that’s fun too.

Nole seems to be picking up his game as the tournament goes on. I didn’t watch the match, but from what others were saying and the score itself (6-1 6-1 6-2), let’s just say I’m not so worried anymore. Nole plays Kubot next, who got a walkover when Youzhny withdrew with a wrist injury. I fully expect Nole to win this match, but I do like Kubot and I hope he doesn’t get demolished out there. Kubot is a top doubles player and has a great singles game as well; should be a “comfortable test” for Nole.

Pico vs Kolya was not a fun match to watch. Kolya pretty much rolled over Pico, winning 6-0, 6-3, 6-4. Apparently Pico doesn’t know how to play Playstation. Regardless, this was a good run for him considering he’s most comfortable on clay. And at least he’s out of the cheetah and into a shirt that looks fairly decent on him.

But damn, Kolya. He hasn’t even been tested yet, and I’m scared to death for Nando. If he beats Pico and Nando and loses to Fed, I won’t be a happy camper.

But NandoKADs do have some hope. 1) Nando’s been playing well the last 1 1/2 weeks, 2) Nando will be rested because he only had to play one set today, and 3) THE HAND is back! Well, at least it resembles the hand from last year. Nando needs to come into this match with the same intensity level than he had in last year’s 4th rd vs Muzz. I’m cautiously optimistic. Please, PLEASE, Nando. Shock us all and win.

Moving on. In the match that no one cared about, Nico Almagro beat Alejandro Falla in straight sets. With a broken bone in his left wrist. So yeah, get back to the gym, Alejandro. Jo should have no trouble taking Nico out in the next round, though. Jo-Nole quarterfinal is imminent.

And of course there were the evening matches. I think we all expected Lleyton-Marcos to go at least 4 sets and be very competitive and physical. Alas, Marcos experienced pain in his shoulder from the outset and was forced to retire.

As much as I love Marcos, this scenario is better than a Fed walkover next round or a tired Lleyton having no chance to beat Fed. Lleyton is going to need his rest to try to take out The Mighty Douche.

Yes, I realize Marcos was injured and making a lot of UFE’s which contributed to the bagel set. But that being said: I was still impressed with Lleyton’s gameplan, intensity and movement. Credit where it’s due. In Lleyton’s last meeting with Fed at the 2009 USO, Lleyton took the first set and played a tight match. There are three variables that can sway the match in Lleyton’s favor this time: 1) the extra rest from having to play only 12 games today, 2) the Aussie crowd will be behind him and 3) Lleyton will want to become part of the “Fed’s Bitchboy No Longer” Club, led by Robin Bo Carl and Kolya. C’mon Lleyton. JOIN THE CLUB, PLEASE.

Marcos’ retirement meant that I got to see Jo and Tommy “Hasi” Haas on my TV. YAY. Both guys were playing well, and it must be noted that Tommy looked hotter than usual. He’s so entertaining. Tommy had a back rubdown during the match; hopefully it’s nothing serious. Last thing he needs is another injury right now.

In the end, Jo won in 4. And uh, Jim Courier took the load off and did Jo’s celebration for him. Cute.


Tomorrow, the Round of 16 starts. Only 16 men left now. Sad.

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Nando Being A Dork

I’m cracking up so much. This is hilarious. I flove him.

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