Day 1 Randomness

I’m about to leave for the day, but here’s a couple pictures from around the grounds. Now the I’m caught up on my sleep I’ll do more tonight!

The first person I saw, Gonzo, yay! Way hotter in person, and I don’t say that about just anyone ­čśŤ

Sven was seemingly everywhere. Well, he is God afterall. He was at Caro’s practices and at the one match I saw a bit of yesterday, Sorana vs de Brito.

I was so happy Sorana won. She was playing really good, smacking the hell out of the ball. I love her outfit too. I didn’t take any pics of de Brito bc she bugged the shit out of me. Her scream/shriek whatever sounds like an animal being tortured, it’s horrible. The people behind me were audibly laughing (loud enough for everyone to hear) everytime she yelped. She sucks.

Everyone was pretty much cheering for Sorana. After the match she stopped to take some pics with fans and Sven walked past her and I think he said “Vamos, Sugar.” Cute. Oh, and of course the Asian Line Judge was there. Of course.

I’ll post all the good stuff tonight. WordPress is being a bitch and not letting me upload anything else. I’ll try to get pics of Ana and Rafa and Nole today.

Edited: All the pictures are Jills property. Don’t take any of them without her┬ápermission. Those include all her posts. Thanks.


All Fashion Police units to IW please

It’s IW time, bitches!!!

Last night saw the BNP Paribas Open Player’s Party. Here are some of our fave examples of the “fashion” on show.

Oh, Rafa. Your horrific fashion sense is utterly endearing

If any other player wore this, I’d give them shit for being mumsy. But I love Kim, and she really is a Mama. So, work it!

The Joe Six Pack of the ATP. He’s just a normal dude!

Next time someone calls Muzz “The Ginge Hotness”, I’m having them sectioned.

I’m a JJkad. So, I’ll just say this isn’t one of her worst efforts.┬á But seriously, WTF?

Ana and Sorana. I think both look beautiful. Ivanovic in particular looks gorgeous.

I am trying *so* hard not to say something mean (and truthful) about this. So, yeah. Just no.

LMAO. Oh Dani. I had an outfit just like this about 6 years ago. When I was 16 and didn’t know any better.

So, HSMers, who did YOU think was the Best/Worst dressed?

Hopman Cup: Aussies Knock Out USA, Spain Undefeated

Well, this isn’t a shock. In Session 5 of the Hopman Cup, the more experienced Aussies pretty much killed the USA in their singles matches, winning both in straight sets. Sam beat Melanie 6-2, 6-4 in the opener.

In men’s singles Hewitt was on fire and, frankly, Isner was not on his game. Two Isner double faults to open his first service game gave Lleyton the early break. Lleyton dominated from the start, winning 6-1, 7-5. With a lot of “come on!!”s in between.

Lleyton’s new short hair/no hat look makes him about a zillion times better-looking. I admit, I was thinking he was cute for a second there. Again, sue me.

Then came the mixed dubs. I was happy (and surprised) that the US was able to win the match 2-6, 6-1, 7-6 (10-5).

At least they’ve got a win on the board.


Session 6 was between Spain and Romania. Both these teams had solid first rounds wins, so this looked to be competitive. But it wasn’t to be. Sorana lost pretty swiftly to MJMS (4-6, 3-6). After being bageled by T-Rob in the second set of men’s singles, Hanescu was forced to retire from the session, giving Spain a walkover in mixed dubs. Sucks, but I’m glad Tommy’s team won.

Also, so as not to disappoint the crowd, Pat Cash stepped in and played on Sorana’s team in a short dubs “pro set,” which Spain won 8-4. And the fact that this wasn’t on my TV makes me very angry.

So Spain is currently undefeated at 6-0 after 2 sessions. Vamos! Though I don’t care for MJMS, I’d be happy if Spain won just because Tommy’s awesome.

Wednesday’s sessions are Britain vs Germany (10 AM local) and Russia vs Kazakhstan (5:30 PM local). Tennis Channel is airing Britain vs Germany tonight at 9PM est time, which is awesome. Can wait to see Muzz’ kit, and especially mixed dubs.

Oh, and it’s LADIES DAY. And Muzz is SINGLE. Look out.