Champions Defense

Two ATP singles finals were played today.

In Brisbane,  Dick beat defending champion Steps in 2 close sets that finished in TBs, 7-6 (2), 7-6 (7).

Good for Dick. I’m totally preparing myself for the ESPN commies hype regarding Dick during the AO *ahem PMac*. Moving along.

The other ATP final was the one in Chennai. Where Marin was able to defend his title. He beat Stan in 2 close sets that also finished in TBs, 7-6 (2), 7-6 (3).

I have a soft spot for Marin, so I’m happy that he was able to defend his title.  Look for him to be in the AO Dark Horses list of many of the “tennis experts.”



Stanley the Manly through, Sod slayer shocked

In all honesty, The Aircel Chennai Open hasn’t been the most exciting tourney happening this week. Howver, Stan and his fuckable backhand have livened things up a bit, as have the surprise losses of certain players.


Concubine lover Wawrinka, the “other” yet infinitely more awesome Swiss, who has had a bit of a drop in form over the last few months, looked to be back on top of his game as he defeated American Michael Russell in straights, 6-3, 6-4.  He will now face Michael Berrer, who knocked out Frenchie Stéphane Robert in straight sets. I was inordinately happy that Robert got knocked out, as he had defeated my compatriot Louk Sorenson, the first Irishman to play a tour level ATP match in over 20 years. Suck it, Stéphane. 😛

Meanwhile, Slovakian World #82 Lukas Lacko shocked American Robby Ginepri, who earlier this week ousted The Sod. The first set showcased some great touch and skills at the net from Lacko, while Ginepri looked out of sorts.  The 2nd set saw Ginepri basically fall apart, and his boll toss looked about as good as Baby E’s. Overall, a solid 7-6, 6-4 win for Lacko. He will now face Dudi (ha) Sela, who defeated American Kevin Kim, 7-6, 6-2.

Friday OOP:

  Centre Court Court 1
Matches Start At 5:10 PM
Singles Round 3
Thiemo De Bakker
Janko Tipsarevic
Matches Start At 5:00 PM
Singles Round 3
Lukas Lacko
Dudi Sela
followed by
Singles Round 3
Stanislas Wawrinka
Michael Berrer
after appropriate rest
Doubles Quarter Final
Allegro. Y / Wawrinka. S
Lu. Y / Tipsarevic. J
followed by
Singles Round 3
Santiago Giraldo
Marin Cilic
followed by
Doubles Quarter Final
Fleming. C / Skupski. K
Bhupathi. M / Bopanna. R

Abu Dhabi Is Full of Boner Killers

My first post, here it goes. So yeah, the tennis season has officially started- sort of. There’s the Abu Dhabi exo with Rafa, Fed, Kolya, Ferru, Stan and Sod. Not a lot of possible fangirling with that lineup. Didn’t watch most of the matches to tell you the truth (okay just saw one but more about that later). So I will catch you up to date: yesterday Kolya, Ferru, Stan and Sod battled each other for a chance to play Rafa and Fed. No idea what the scores were, hey it was New Year’s Eve.
All I know is that Sod beat Stan.
Ferru beat Kolya.
This pic cracked me up. It’s like dude, relax, it’s just an exo.
Yeah, he just fell down reaching for a ball.
So that takes us to today. Sod played Fed and guess what? Sod actually won in 3 sets 6-7 (6), 7-6 (1), 6-2 after 12 times of failing at it. So good for him. Not that it really counts for shit (the ATP stats sheet still says 12-0), so this is just a good memory for Sod. And for Jills that wanted this to happen, so congrats, vitch. So Sod- try to beat him again when it really counts.
I left the best for last: the DBO worthy match. That means that this is the only match that I actually watched, Rafa vs Ferru. It was a pretty kick ass first set, which went to a tiebreak and which Rafa won 7-6 (3). Then Rafa started to look really good like his old self and Ferru went into his headcase mode. (okay I’m not really sure, I spent that whole set fangirling on Twitter about Ferru’s new hair cut among other things.) Rafa won the second set 6-3.
So it is Rafa vs Sod in the final. I know it’s an exo and all that, but I do think Rafa really needs to win this for his confidence and for his fans’ sanity. Personally, I couldn’t take a 3rd straight loss to that douche. Also, Ferru has to play Fed for some reason. I guess the crowd needs their money’s worth. Please Ferru: don’t get humiliated, even if it is an exo.