FedHate Is Fun: Doha Edition

As we all know, Fed lost today to Kolya. Yeah, the same Kolya that he was 12-0 against just 2 months ago. That makes the second time this year already that Fed has lost to one of his (former) bitchboys. And it’s only January 8th.

(*Beautiful Tennis* means Jazz Hands)

A lot of people wanted to see a Fedal final, some because they like Fed and wanted him to win, others because they think Rafa can kick Fed’s ass and they want to see a beatdown. While I wouldn’t mind the latter option, I’m perfectly fine with no Fedal match, because to me, it’s more fun (and funnier) to see Fed lose to Kolya than to Rafa. Rafa, in my opinion, has owned Fed for at least 2 years. Besides the Madrid final, which had extenuating circumstances attached to it (i.e. the record length Rafole semi and Rafa’s knees), Fed hasn’t beaten Rafa since 2007.

So let’s get shit straight. The matches might be close, but this isn’t a rivalry anymore. It’s a battle, and Rafa won.

I don’t think that there will be a Fedal *final* any time soon. And what I say to that is, “Good. I’m over it.” Delpo, Nole, and Muzz are all much more dangerous and much better rivals to Rafa at this point. Fed’s not much of a threat anymore. Not to Gilles, Kolya, or Julien Benneteau. So let’s put the so-called GOAT out to pasture and watch some *un-beautiful* tennis, with a lot of sweat, grunts, and hotness, shall we?

Hope you enjoyed this premier edition of “FedHate Is Fun.” See ya next time, kids. And remember, get your first Serb in.


You Give Good Quote

So Fed was interviewed today and he came up with this little nugget of crap:

“I got better and better as the season went on,” Federer said. “I was able to bounce back and was on a roll. (Winning in) Paris and Wimbledon showed that I was unbeatable. I can do it again. That’s a good feeling to have, that I can do it again.”

Unbeatable? So the close calls at RG with Haasi-case and Delpo, and then that whole thing where you were in a 5-set match to the death at SW19 somehow means you’re unbeatable? We’ll see, buddy. btw, funny how you got “better” and won all your titles while Rafa was injured :/