Australian Open Day 5: ATP

I decided to do two separate posts today because there is too much to process. I’ll post about the WTA later.

Today on the ATP side there were  upsets, five setters and scares.

It looks like he’s waiting for a kiss. So cute.

Well the day started with Feli vs Dick. Feli was playing really well and won the first set. He actually gave a good fight so I’m proud of him. He was also wearing just a jock strap and you could kind of see his ass when he started sweating. Feli is always giving the fangirls what they want. Anyway, he lost in 4 at the end.

Is it me or is Dick looking Manorexic? Eat a sandwich, dude.

Dick will play Gonzo. He beat former Russian and new representative of the Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan Korolev in 5 sets.

Who keeps being injured, playing like shit and winning? DelPo. He won in 4 sets but got bageled in the second by Mayer. WTF? I have a feeling that his run might be coming to a end. He will play his clone next, Marin.

Marin beat Stan again in 4 sets and is looking really good. We all know that Marin is able to pull the upset and his game is quite similar to DelPo’s. I really want to see that match.

Talking about upsets. Hagrid keeps winning and kicking ass. He beat LaMonf in 4. His prize?

Playing this dude. Muzz cruised against Serra. He’s been quietly making his way through the draw. He’s been playing rather well (or his opponents are not that great.)  I haven’t seen him play, so idk. I saved the best for last.

Rafa beat the Techno King and resident of my shit list Kohls. I still haven’t forgiven him for beating Nole at the French. Rafa beat him in four. Rafa was up 2 sets to none and then this German Douche decided that he still wanted to play and not let me sleep by winning the 3rd set. Then I started to swear my ass off at 6 am in the morning. I knew Rafa was going to win but I was still scared.  Hey, I’m a KAD. In that 4th set I was really frazzled, Kohls gave Rafa a really hard time. Rafa’s next opponent?

The man with the serve from hell, Dr. Ivo. I’m already frazzled. Dr. Ivo beat his fellow country man Mr. Clean. I think everyone hates to see their faves play this wannabe rapper. I expect a couple of TBs and I hate TBs- they’re not good for my nerves. To help the other Rafa fans and I calm down, I’m posting a shirtless pic of Rafa:

Yum. Much better.


Heineken Open: Hagrid Wins First ATP Title

Hagrid beat Clement, 6-3, 5-7, 7-6 (2). How fitting that it finished in a TB. Hagrid fired 22 aces to capture his first ATP singles title.  He also saved 1 match point in 12th game of the 3rd set. Hagrid will donate part of his prize money to the Red Cross to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake.  How nice of him.

Heineken Open: Hotness Killers Meet In The Final

No, I’m not saying Kohls is hot. No way! That also includes Montanes, the guy is a Spanish fug.

The semifinals at the tournament formerly known as the Hotness Open were played. The final is set; Hagrid (new nick alert) will meet Frenchie Clement and his awesome bandanas in the final. Hagrid beat Montanes, 62 76(5). While Clement beat Kohls, 63 76(2). This means that there won’t be seeded players in the final. Kind of nice and unpredictable.

This set of pics kind of cracked me up.

He was just so freaking happy. So cute.

Complete Results: Friday, January 15, 2010
Singles – Semi-finals
A Clement (FRA) d [5] P Kohlschreiber (GER) 63 76(2)
J Isner (USA) d [8] A Montanes (ESP) 62 76(5)
Doubles – Semi-finals
[WC] M Daniell (NZL) / H Tecau (ROU) d J Brunstrom (SWE) / J Rojer (AHO) 36 76(4) 10-8

Heineken Open: Tree Kills The Last Hotness

This is the moment I stopped caring about the Heineken Open. Well, kind of. Tree beat top seed Tommy in 3 sets, 76(5) 36 64. It kind of pisses me of that Tommy was up a break in that first set. He could have won it in straights. Whatevs. You still got those Gold Diamond balls, Tommy. Good Luck in the AO.

He kind of reminds me of  a young Hagrid in this pic. You’re lucky that I like you, Tree. You better win the whole damn thing now. With Tommy lost, it means all top 4 seeds are out. Who says the ATP can’t be unpredictable.

Full Scores: Thursday, January 14, 2010

Singles – Quarter-finals
J Isner (USA) d [1] T Robredo (ESP) 76(5) 36 64
[5] P Kohlschreiber (GER) d M Gicquel (FRA) 63 61
A Clement (FRA) d [6] J Melzer (AUT) 62 75
[8] A Montanes (ESP) d [Q] M Lammer (SUI) 63 63
Doubles – Semi-finals
M Melo (BRA) / B Soares (BRA) d T Bellucci (BRA) / A Sa (BRA) 75 63
Doubles – Quarter-finals
M Melo (BRA) / B Soares (BRA) d R Wassen (NED) / H Zeballos (ARG) 61 75


Heineken Open: Argentine Hotness Edition

The Hotness Open continues in Auckland, New Zealand. Today brought some Argentine flavor when compatriots Pico and Zeballos met in the first round. Pico was merciless- he won, 63 60. I wish they would give Pico new ADIDAS clothes, I’m so sick of the animal print on the back. But he still looks pretty. Moving along.

Also cute giant Tree won in 3 sets against Garcia-Lopez.  In shocking news: one of those sets finished in a TB. /sarcasm. The final score  was, 46 76(3) 62. In sad news: Newly turned doubles-specialist Jezza lost his first match against fellow frenchie Clement *sad face.* Also there are no freaking pics of that match, making me totally angry. Whatevs.

Full Scores: Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Singles – First Round
[5] P Kohlschreiber (GER) d [LL] I Cervantes-Huegun (ESP) 62 63
[7] J Monaco (ARG) d H Zeballos (ARG) 63 60
[8] A Montanes (ESP) d [Q] J Lemke (AUS) 61 75
J Isner (USA) d G Garcia-Lopez (ESP) 46 76(3) 62
A Clement (FRA) d J Chardy (FRA) 75 64
S Greul (GER) d [Q] P Lorenzi (ITA) 63 63
[Q] M Lammer (SUI) d [Q] D Evans (GBR) 16 62 64
M Gicquel (FRA) d O Rochus (BEL) 63 62
[WC] S Grosjean (FRA) d F Mayer (GER) 63 36 63
Doubles – First Round
R Wassen (NED) / H Zeballos (ARG) d [1] B Bryan (USA) / M Bryan (USA) 46 64 10-6
[2] L Dlouhy (CZE) / L Paes (IND) d J Levinsky (CZE) / T Parrott (USA) 75 64
[3] M Granollers (ESP) / T Robredo (ESP) d M Damm (CZE) / F Polasek (SVK) 26 61 10-3
T Bellucci (BRA) / A Sa (BRA) d [4] J Knowle (AUT) / R Lindstedt (SWE) 63 64
M Melo (BRA) / B Soares (BRA) d J Melzer (AUT) / P Petzschner (GER) 62 63
L Arnold Ker (ARG) / J Monaco (ARG) d G Garcia-Lopez (ESP) / A Montanes (ESP) 63 64

Tomorrow there’s a full day of Spanish paella on Center Court. All the singles matches include Spanish players including Ferru, Tommy and Ferrero. Yum.


¡Viva España!

Triumph for Spain!

In the second of this weekend’s Hopman Cup ties, the Spanish pairing of María José Martinez Sanchez and Tommy Robredo took on American duo of Melanie Oudin and John Isner.

First up, MJMS took on Journey’s postergirl, the much-hyped Oudin, and, apart from a nervous game or two late in the second set, pretty much wiped the floor with her, taking the match in straights, 6-4, 6-4.

Next up was the awesome T-Rob, who took on the serving machine that is John “Tree” Isner. In what was a thrilling spectacle, T-Rob came back after losing the first set on a tiebreak to defeat Isner 6-7, 6-3, 7-6. Robredo admitted after the match that it was hard to read Isner’s booming serve, saying; “It’s like a casino…you have to decide if it’s red or black. If it’s red it’s forehand, if it’s black it is backhand.”  Much love, Disco Tommy. Much love.

In the frankly irrelevant mixed doubs tie, Team Spain again kicked some American ass, this time taking the match, and wrapping up the tie 6-4, 7-5.

 Congrats to Team Spain!