Indian Wells Final, aka what the actual fuck is going on?


Ivan Ljubicic of Croatia defeated American Andy Roddick 7-6, 7-6 yesterday to win his first Masters 1000 trophy.

They guys at the net. I must say, I thought RAndy’s runner up speech was pretty classy.

Does he think Federer’s standing behind him or something? /snark

I’m only taking the piss. I flove RAndy. But let’s face it. He does tend to bend over for TMD.

Anyways, my bitterness as a Dick fan aside, Old Man Ljubicic deserves mucho props for his amazing run this past week. He defeated Rafa, Nole, Pico and RAndy en route to his first Masters Shield, aged 31.  Thirty fucking One. That’s no typo y’all. Nuff respeck, Mr Clean.

Aww. Ljubicic and his hot WAG Aida. Cute. Although in all honesty, his bald veiny head has been making me wanna vomit all week. Still. They’re sweet.

All that remains to be said is thank fuck IW is over. Roll on Miami, bitches!


JJ kicks some bland butt to win her maiden IW title

Well, I am a very happy Vitch this evening. It’s no secret that I’m a Jelena Jankovic KAD, and bitch got shit done today, defeating Denmark’s Caroline Wozniacki 6-2,6-4 to win the BNP Paribas Open.

Le sigh. I love seeing her happy like that.

Anyways, she really played a great match. Her groundstrokes were awesome and, as per usual, her defensive skills were fucking amazing. Girl looked to be in really great shape.

Blahroline didn’t play badly. She was simply outplayed and outclassed by JJ in almost all departments. (JJ had 4 DFs to Caro’s 0, and, let’s face it, Caro looked way hotter. Tough I did like JJ’s ensemble, for once.) As my commie said, “Wozniacki is looking like a poor man’s Jankovic today.” How very true that was. Nevertheless, congrats to Wozniacki on becoming the new World #2.

Fierce bitch. I know that the fact I love JJ seems to make me an outsider amongst our HSMers and the awesome peeps that we chat to on Twitter. But I couldn’t give a flying fuck. I adore her. She was back to her bubbly, glittery self in the trophy presentation.

I am truly delighted for her. As Sveta once said, JJ, fuck the haters. You are the shit.



Second Cutest Final Of The Day

Today was just full of adorable, wasn’t it? Over in Sydney, eternal underdogs and all-around cuties Richie and Marcos battled it out in the final. I’m not going to lie, I was pulling 100% for Richie, so I was sad for about 10 seconds after Marcos defeated him 6-4, 7-6. But I think it’s impossible to get truly upset over Marcos winning a title, so I’m very happy for him now.

So cute with his “Love Cyprus” shirt. I think Adidas maybe should have kept him though, considering he’s winning again.

Can they be BFFs? Marcos is already an honorary Frenchie.

Happy Nando = Happy Me

Va-fucking-mos! Nando won his first title of the year and it’s only January 16th! This week he’s beaten extremely tough players Gonzo, Nole, and Jo- all in straight sets. Yes, I know it’s “just an exo” but I don’t care. /fangirlsqueee! That’s pretty much all I can type right now…just going to go look at these pics some more.



I can’t think of a better way for him to have started the season. He should be bursting with confidence now. He needs to ride that fug outfit all the way to the AO final.

Jills’ Happy Place

I can’t stop smiling. I’m so proud of Jeremy right now. After having a crappy start to the week in Brisbane by losing to Falla in straight sets, Jeremy and his partner Marc Gicquel took home the doubles title! Badassery! /fangirl squeee!

They beat some pretty solid teams, too. Check out the line-up of teams they beat. Fucking amaze:

Knowle/Lindstedt (#2 seeds)

Berdy/Steps (Czech awesomeness and very tough in dubs)

Roddick/Blake (well, idk, it looks impressive on paper)

Dlouhy/Paes (#1 seeds)

Well done Jeremy and Marc! ❤

Another pic of Jeremy, just because I can:

One more thing: the rankings that will determine AO seedings came out today, and Jeremy is still ranked #32. This means he’ll be seeded at a Grand Slam for the first time. Hope he gets a good draw. Allez, hotness!

Tommy Has Balls. In More Ways Than One.


The Hopman Cup final was today, with Britain taking on Spain. Yesterday, if you recall, I said that I didn’t think L-Rob or T-Rob would win their singles matches, and thought it would be decided in mixed dubs. Well- I was right about the mixed dubs part at least.

L-Rob did well against MJMS, beating her 6-1 7-6. I kinda like L-Rob (not as much as everyone else, seemingly), but to be honest I didn’t want her to win because I thought Muzz would beat Tommy routinely and the mixed dubs would be non-existent.

So it was all on Tommy’s shoulders. He had to beat Muzz- and he did.

When Tommy lost the first set 6-1, I was definitely worried. But he actually gained mental strength as the match went on, eventually winning 1-6, 6-4, 6-3. I am beyond happy for Tommy. He played SO well. He served great, his net play was awesome, but most importantly- his confidence and mental focus got him the win. I hope he can keep it up in Auckland and Melbourne.

Then came the live!doubles match, and it was really fun to watch, and really intense. The Brits actually had 3 set points in the first set, but couldn’t convert. Overall, Team Spain played very smart, and Tommy was always ready to pounce at any opportunity. All credit to the Brits, but Andy was more timid than T-Rob, so that might have been a factor. Spain won 7-6, 7-5. VAMOS.

In reward for playing with major balls against the world #4, Tommy got another ball. A gold and diamond ball to match his other one. Tommy has 2 DIAMOND-ENCRUSTED BALLS. How many players can say that? Not many.

His speech was adorbs. ADORBS. Love him so much.

I love Hopman Cup.