Players Party: Full Of Fashion Don’ts and Media Whores.

The Sony Ericsson Open Players Party was last night a bunch of players attended and some people that I really don’t know who the fuck they are. Why do the photographers even bother? So I’m going to ignore the media whores and concentrate on the true stars of the party ( No, I’m not talking about NERD aka the entertainment) I mean the players of course. I’m still full of OMG!, WTFs? and Really? so you will see that a lot of those in this post.

Pic Spam Alert!!!!

I have to say that JJ is looking quite fab. Is like she found the right balance with being glittery and classy. So Yay!

I don’t know if I like or hate Vee’s dress. Okay I hate it, so yeah. It looks like she took the dress from her mom’s closet. Really, Vee?

Someone maybe injured but still looking amazing.  But don’t tell  ReRe, we don’t need her ego to get any bigger.

The Rad sisters. OMG! I’m just…. I’m lost for words. First ARad, I always see her and think Jersey Girl.  Are the Animal Prints still in? URad WTF is with the shoes? Really, pink dress and blue shoes?

Oh, look the Little Mermaid! Or maybe Tinkerbell! WTF are you wearing Caro? It looks like they painted the dress on her. I’m sad to say (not really) that she looked kind of trashy.

Now to the boys and there we don’t give fuck look.

At least try, dude. Whatevs,next.

Muzz looks decent. That’s all I will say.

First of all the caption was hilarious it actually said Rafael Nadal so I needed a few minutes to control my giggle fit. After that I saw what Nando was wearing. Sigh. Really, Nando? You’re so much better than this. No shaving, his hair is a mess (Bring back the Nando Hawk!!) and the clothes. *shakes head* Since when does Nando not take care of himself? WTF is going on?

ARad= Polish Snookie (but not slutty, well that we know of)

Looking good CanWoz. Well, they looked like they had fun.

What do you guys think?

Warning: This post was made during an Insomnia episode. Side effects include extra vitchiness and being extra mean.


I’m Pissed

So everyone I wanted to win last night lost. So I’m going to be real here. I don’t give a fuck who wins the AO now. All I know is that there’s one douche that I don’t want to win . I don’t even have to mention his name, we all know who it is. The dude has enough slams. I’m going to start with the chicks first then with the dudes.

What. a. shit fest? Vee should have won this match. She even served for it. This match was so bad that I keep falling asleep. I took like 5 naps. If someone wants to see what bad tennis is, just watch that craptastic 3rd set. It was a total breakfest and full of errors. What is it with Vee going all headcasey at the AO? Last year was Suarez Navarro. This year was Li Na. Nails got it done in the end and becomes the first Chinese Lady ( I took that from Killer Cahill, WTF? She has a name, dude) to make the top 10 so congrats to her.

This was actually a good match. It had nice winners and it had funny moments. I totally thought Vika had this. But this is Serena Effing Williams and she’s playing for a slam. Vika didn’t choke, Serena took it from her. I’m sad, I wanted Vika to win but she did give her all, so I’m proud of this awesome bitch with the Siren song.  She will win a slam in the future of that I’m sure.

Now to the dudes:

Kolya you’re useless

What are you smiling about, you choker? You just lost you idiot.

Like many expected Kolya choked against Fed. Kolya won the first set and was about to go up a double break in the second. Then he went all headcasey started to play like shit. He totally proved that he’s Russian. Fed took like 10  straight games and the rest is history. Fed won in four. Whatevs.

Poor Baby. For those who say that Nole is a pussy for retiring from other slams. Suck it. The boy was sick and brought the Djokohones out. He lost in 5 against Jo and fought till the very end even if he was feeling like crap. So with this Nole misses his chance to be #1 for now. I think he will get #2, still no idea and really don’t care about rankings at the moment.

Congrats to Jo. Let see if you can beat Fed. I don’t think he can to be honest. Still as a proud member of the ABF Club I’ll be rooting for Jo. Allez!

Complete Scores: Here

OOP Thursday: Here

Bitchfest 2010. I Couldn’t Be More Excited.

OK, so the Hong Kong Tennis Classic starts on Wednesday, and I’m really excited. A bunch of old favorite tennis dudes playing with a bunch of awesome bitches, could anything be better?

If you haven’t heard of it, the concept is awesome. There are 4 teams: Russia, Europe, Americas and Asia-Pacific, each consisting of 2 current female players and 1 male player.

The first round looks like this:

Team Europe: Caro (Captain), Vika and Stefan Edberg vs
Team Americas: Venus (Captain), Gisela Dulko and Michael Chang

Team Russia: Masha (Captain), Bepa, and Yevgeny Kafelnikov vs
Team Asia-Pacific: Zheng Jie (Captain), Ayumi Morita and Paradorn Srichaphan

Needless to say, I hope Europe wins against the Americas. I love Vika and really like Caro and Stefan. Seems like Russia is a sure thing to beat Asia-Pacific, but Team AP will probably have the crowd support, so you never know.

I’m betting on a Europe-Russia final, and though I love Masha, I really can’t stand Bepa. So I’ll be cheering Team Europe the whole way. I’m most excited to see Vika play Masha and Bepa, should be awesome.

Here are a bunch of rad pics from the presser:

You’re going down, Bepa.

Because this Superior Bitch will beat you.

Full of Awesome. Maybe Masha should be playing for Team Americas, then I would be able to root for her.

I LOVE Caro’s outfit. She looks gorgeous.

Look, players from America and Sweden that everyone likes!

Future Twitter Buddies, you know it.

Pink Required

Yes, I care about the WTA too. Two of my faves, Masha and Vee, played some exo in Thailand. Masha won in straights, 6-3 6-4.

Since I found out about this after seeing the pics, I’ll talk about the fashion.

It totally looks like both girls got their outfits at Hot Topic. Vee is still wearing the same fug dress from her fashion line. I love you Vee, but please change it up.

Masha debuted her new Nike outfit. I still don’t know if I like or hate it. I do love Hot Topic and their stuff, but I’m totally confused about this dress. I think it’s the top part that is bothering me. I do like the color.

What do you guys think?